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  1. psunseri

    'Product Settings' Tab on Bot Blank

    RESOLVED!!! Any other mac users using virtualization, make sure you install the folder for wrobot within the virtual machines local disc
  2. Hello, As shown below, the bot successfully launches for me but the 'Product Settings' tab is blank. I've updated all of the dependencies, completely uninstalled wrobot and re-installed, ensured that it's running as an administrator, disabled firewall, updated setting in compatibility and still no luck. Screens and log posted below: Setup: Running Parallels on a Mac to run Windows. Running 64 bit version of Windows 10. Attempting to play on Elysium vanilla WoW 20 May 2018 13H19.log.html
  3. psunseri

    Just got the bot, having some problems :(

    Hi Syn, If you're wanting someone to provide you better support, you'll need to provide more information so the community can diagnose/reproduce/resolve your errors. Describe your system and the steps you're taking to reach the updater application not responding please.