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  1. So i see on the front page, that it work up to legion, But what are people, using this bot for today? Only privat servers?
  2. Hi Will this bot work in BFA? And will it work from the start or when? And is there any profiels?
  3. Hi i just updated my wrobot, but says its not the right version? Is there comming a new version soon ?
  4. Maybe Wrobot should make it for 64 bit instead of 32
  5. Is there any minimum req. for Ram and CPU on the VMware, for it to work optimal ?
  6. Hi everyone. So is it possible to run Wrobot on Vmware or hyperV . if so, how good dose it run?
  7. oppen


    Dont really know, why i asked.
  8. oppen


    Hi devs/profile makers. Is anyone working on argus profiles? both to Questing, but most for gathering now? imean the PTR is up, so you can make profile for it atm.
  9. Hi How do i get my bot to eat the food i bought for it, so it dosent have to stand still for mins, to regen health?
  10. Hi is there no leveling Quest profiles for 100-110?
  11. Okay cool. i think ill give it a try, what is the diffrence from " WRobot Subscription " and " WRobot Unlimited Subscription " =?
  12. Hi Everyone. So i have always been using HB, but i will NEVER use that shit again. So was surfing the internet for other bots, and WRobot sounds like a really great bot. So how is WRobot? Have any of you been banned yet, if so how?
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