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  1. i make 15 lvl Priest on bot and make 15lvl to 23 by hand and he have offline ban for botting (Northdale server)
  2. Admin wrobot tell me change IP and try make acc with new browser, this is can help
  3. I tried everything, and accounts are blocked very quickly, and even when you off side, but used wrobot, it seems to me at them there is a new protection
  4. so much ppl come 2 traning Vanilla (for Official Vanilla i think )
  5. Iam try use paid profile and custom profile
    why 1-80 if really 1-58 ?
  6. the program here not and everything works for me perfectly if to be able to adjust
  7. this problem has arisen after updating at me and at my friends, (keys different) at me too most on the laptop (windows10) and on the Windows xp7 computer
  8. 25 апр 2018 14H55.log.html 25 апр 2018 11H34.log.html
  9. the program itself is closed approximately in 2-10 minutes with the last update while I use the last version and everything is normal, it would be desirable to learn you work on it and how long there will be a correction?
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