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    chaosshadow reacted to Andoido in Andoido's Offical: About my past and the name "Bokutox"   
    Hello Everybody.
    Firstly I was not forced or provoked into making this post... It was recommended as a fair chance to air any grievances and completely get over my past.
    I personally have done some bad shit in the past, and in my life and want to stand up for it, it was wrong. I have changed, and as a result I’d like to make amends with any persons who may have been affected. I have already begun my journey with making things right with 3, and today 4, people.
    A lot of people may have known me by another name, Bokutox (Froztmage was my Skype). There were other names that I created after I was banned on Ownedcore/Epicnpc.
    Some other names to add to the pool: Skysize, Belon, Boku, Yify, Rotgut, and most likely plenty of other names that i have cannot remember, but not for the intentional reason to scam. Unintentionally thats what it came down to and I have realized that, and how stupid and wrong it was.
    I have changed since those days, and honestly want to be a better person. With that being said, don’t think you can scam me. I will not pay back every cent and especially to every idiot who thinks they can leech from this post. I will have a fair honest discussion with you as I have with the 5 people since 4/7/19 and if the proof is fair, and we can agree that I was not being 100% fair with you, you will receive a partial amount of the price you paid me from all that time ago.
    I don’t hate anybody, its not in my nature, not even in real life. (with the exepction of 1.) I made a mistake with Bambo and that’s all there is to it, making up for it is not something I can put a price tag on. I still admire him, Schaka, Droidz and Ordush. My sense of judgment and ways of thinking are what they did not like about me, and so all I can do is say I’m sorry. And do my absolute best to change even more.
    Please keep this thread respectable.
    Those of you wishing for a deeper look into why or how things went down the way they did. I invite you to read below. It took a lot of courage for me to write this, just know that.

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