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  1. Edit: After deactivating the "error message window addon", i now can see the real error message. I will try to translater it and it says something like this: "Gatherer has been blocked. The requested function is reserved to the Blizzard-UI. You can deactivate this Addon und reload the UI." However, deavtivating Gatherer, the bot is drinking/eating again as it has done before. But nevertheless i had never had problems using Gatherer and the bot before the last update has been made. Finally, i can live with this restriction, because Wrobot is awesome. I hope this bug reporting is still usefull for enhancing the bot.
  2. Edit: The Bot-Log shows, that the bot is trying to use the initial skill of the rotation, defined in the fightclass (over and over again), but nothing happens in the client (doesn't get executed).
  3. Bot wants to eat/drink. Then nothing happens. Ingame (empty) error window pops up. Bot waits until it is full (hp/mp) again. Continues fighting, but don't uses skills anymore and ingame error window pops up. After closing the program (bot) and restarting, no skills are used also (ingame error window pops up again). After restarting the client everything works fine until it comes to Regen, and things starting to get wrong again. Version: 2.2.1 (28162 for Wow 2.4.3 (~8606)
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