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    A truly amazing grinder profile - total must have for anyone wanting to bot like a pro (and not be frustrated)! Before using this profile I was spending hours trying to create my own grinding profiles - without success. Every new zone I went to meant I needed to create a new profile, and it took time, lots and lots of precious time. To be honest I was probably spending more time creating profiles for myself than I would just levelling my character manually - total time waste. After being frustrated for a while I decided to give Bambo's grinder a try. The great reviews and fair price made it an easy decision. And WOW! This thing just works - superbly. I had some minor issues setting it up (mostly because I was too dumb enough to read basic instructions lol) - but Bambo, the creator of the plugin literally got back to my idiotic support request within minutes of me posting my problem in Discord. Truly amazing service. Not only does Bambo deliver amazing service - but the grinder profile itself is magnificent. Literally just one click and it does everything by itself. I'd recommend using it together with the HumanMasterPlugin and a good fight class to make your botting life even easier. This grinder profile is truly wonderful - and the service is such an amazing bonus. I'd rate this 10/10 any day of the week. I truly, wholeheartedly recommend this product.
  1. Thank you @Droidz for the quick response! Yes, it works with the latest version. I was getting some errors when trying to update WRobot - but downloading it from the website did the trick. Big thanks! 🙂
  2. Hi, First off, I wanted to say a BIG thank you to Droidz for creating WRobot. So far, it has worked amazing and I'm so grateful. However, I've run into a bit of a problem. For some reason now, without changing any setting what so ever, my character wont attack mobs attacking me. Instead, I just looks at them until I die. The issue is resolved if I manually untarget the target by clicking anywhere - it then target the mobs and kills it using the fightclass. I checked the logs and it seems that the message "Mob seem bugged" it a reoccurring message. The full log is here: I would be very grateful for help with this matter 🙂 I've tried installing and using the MoveDuringCombat plugin, which works sometimes because it untargets and retargets the target after 7 seconds or so - but by then I'm at pretty low HP.
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