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  1. was this ever added? it's been 9 months. the main.cs only works for battlegrounds...
  2. koviack


    any idea how to get it to make and use healthstones? nevermind i figured it out
  3. koviack


    Shoot is in the action bar, i threw away melee and my melee weapon and it goes around fisting things. i edited the XML and this is the problem: //shoot if (!Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("return IsAutoRepeatAction(" + (SpellManager.GetSpellSlotId(SpellListManager.SpellIdByName("Shoot")) + 1) + ")") && ObjectManager.Me.HealthPercent >= 60 && ObjectManager.Pet.HealthPercent >= 30 && ObjectManager.Me.ManaPercentage >= 60 && (ObjectManager.Target.HaveBuff("Curse of Agony") && canDoT(ObjectManager.Me.TargetObject))) { if (Shoot.KnownSpell) SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA("Shoot"); return; i'm too low level to have curse of agony, i delete that specific part 😐&& (ObjectManager.Target.HaveBuff("Curse of Agony")| and it TRIES to use the wand but just spams it like an AK47 and doesnt leave any time for the action to be completed..I'm lvl 8 now and have CoA so it might work but damn that was a painful 5-8
  4. koviack


    mine won't even use the wand it tries to melee with a fist... how the fuck do i get it to use wand?
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