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  1. I'm trying to cast spell on ally without targeting him. So, I made this "spell" in the fightclass and checked "C# true": CastSpellByName("Renew(Rank 1), surname); I tried with my surname and "player" and on other surname around me 😞
  2. Thank you! 🙂 Just one last things 🙈 Is it possible to create a condition that he don't try to cast "Shoot" while casting another spell? Because actually, my Shoot works but when I'm casting another spell it's spam "Another action in progress" 😕 The only solution is to add the condition "Casting Spell Name" for every spell 😓
  3. Thank you! Do you know how I can use my Wand? Because "Shoot" is skipped 😞
  4. Thank you! But I have to learn C# to do that, impossible with the Creator 😞
  5. How can I tell to switch back? How can I heal without switching target? 😕 I'm using the spell settings "For Friends" 🙂
  6. Hello, I reported this as a bug but I would like confirmation. I made a Fightclass with heal (party) and combat spell. When the bot engage a NPC and switch to an ally to heal him, it stuck on him, it don't switch back to the enemy target. Any solution? Thank you! 🙂
  7. The bot don't switch to the enemy target after a heal. The bot target a npc then the bot switch to my ally to heal him but don't switch back to the enemy, I have to do it myself.
  8. It's actually to hard for me 😞 I'm learning C# 🙂
  9. I tried but this quest is more special 😕 Because I had to gather the item on the ground then pick up the quest from the item 😓 The solution was to create 1 gatherer quest then create another quest to pickup quest from the item 🙂
  10. Hello 🙂 Is it possible to directly try code without launching the quester? Example: I would like to get the number of available quest that a NPC has with wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.GetNumGossipAvailableQuests() How can I use the developer tools to get the result? Thank you!
  11. I mean how to you know all this "function" (it's function?) exist? Sorry, I'm totally noob and I try to learn but it's very hard 😞 When I write wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest. HasQuest is missing How do you find it "HasQuest) exist?
  12. Thank you! How did you know that Quest.GetQuestCompleted(###) exist? 😕
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