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    I had an issue with this profile and a subsequent disagreement with it's author. That said, I have since been refunded. Andoido works hard on these profiles and it's not an easy task; given the limited subscriber base, to get issues fixed quickly. But he is helpful and will try to fix any problems you experience either with wRobot or with his profiles. I was initially very interested in trying this out, I'd watched some of his livestreams when I could, and you can see there's a lot of work and effort behind this. It still feels like it's in beta, there are teething problems but I'm sure Andoido will get around to sorting them quickly as and when he is able. If you're looking for something just to click and go, you may be better off with his grinding Profiles (which work well). I'm hoping he gets around to releasing an Alliance questing Profile, I would 100% buy from him again. Thanks Andoido.
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