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  1. 1 Set "is buff" to true in spell settings 2 In general settings, set range to 30 (I personally set it to 27) Dunno
  2. you need to have all the spells on the bars
  3. Hello, I'm having a real hard time getting the druid to go out of bear form to heal in XML I've tried the obvious of having it cast bear form at a health percentage then I tried CastSpellByName("Bear Form",1) that didnt work for some reason then I tried RunMacroText("/cast Bear Form") I FOUND THE SOLUTION i forgot to turn on "is not spell, is lua script" duh
  4. Version 1.0.2


    This fight class will start combat by wrathing enemies, add moonfire, add rejuvenation if hurt, enter bear form, heal with regrowth and healing touch if low. And of course buff with MotW and Thorns out of combat. If the target is running away it will drop form and wrath. You can also put combat range to 5 so it will run up to the mobs, but this increases the risk of running into packs. *Put mana regeneration at 30%* Abso_Druid1-20.xml
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