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  1. I have a BM hunter which I want to farm things with. What would you say would be an efficient task with a decent enough GPH? I tried the Silithus Encrypted Twilight Text task but it was just too overwhelming since there's a ton of players from opposite faction around... and I think Northdale has a higher respawn rate for the mobs, so they were spawning on top of me relentlessly an killing me all the time. What would you recommend? Thanks
    The profile runs quests flawlessly and efficiently. I had an issue with it at one point, and the developer pushed an update fixing the issue within minutes of me contacting him. Could not ask for better support and dedication, totally worth the money!
  2. I started an Undead Mage and I'm having some difficulties, wondering if you could help. Perhaps I've set something wrong? - It started out fine, but when she got to level 4, every time I start the bot it insists that it's a warlock and it tries to learn Warlock spells at the trainer instead of mage - When interacting with quest items in the world (Example: Equipment Boxes for the quest "Scavenging Deathknell"), the cast time should be 5 seconds, but the bot moves off after ~2.5 seconds every time, which means it cancels and never makes progress. I've copied all settings exactly as shown, but perhaps I've missed something? would appreciate any help, Thanks EDIT: So I managed to sort the second point (wrong cast time when interacting with objects) by simply disabling Team Viewer and all my addons. However, the mage is still being detected wrongly as a warlock 17 Dec 2018 22H05.log.html
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