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  1. Hi there, so i am using together with It runs fairly well but i am wondering is that pretty often when grinding for a killquest the bot basically rushes into grps of mobs and starts attack once it is being attacked by something. Is there any setting i can turn on, that enables the bot to basically pick mobs from afar and use me being ranged as advantage? thx in advance.
  2. any news on this is greatly appreciated. 🙂 bot still behaves kinda "dumb" running into mobs.
  3. good profile so far. unfortunately the permanent authentication check sometimes timeouts and completely breaks reloader and eventually the character just logs out and does nothing for hours. Any ideas on how to fix that?
  4. Some quester profiles use .xml files with crypted text inside to sideload the actual content later on in the start up process. Is it possible to create your own .dll and add a startup .xml and then you are able to select that quester plugin in the wrobot dropdown?
  5. You are right, disabeling pfui did the trick. I should have taken that note seriously to disable all addons. 🙂 Thx for your help.
  6. Hi there, so i have been using wrobot with eeny's hunter profile and his questing profiles. For some reason mounting and gathering herbs gets interrupted after about 1 to 1,5sec. I set the quester profile to herb and skin. Skinning on the other hand works just fine. This is what it looks like in the log. 19:14:16 - Lock FC Is initialized. 19:14:16 - Hunter FC started. 19:14:16 - [Farming] Farm Peacebloom > -146,283 ; -4849,16 ; 19,7906 ; "None" 19:14:19 - [Farming] Farm successful 19:14:19 - [Farming] Farm Silverleaf > -119,826 ; -4860,92 ; 21,4008 ; "None" 19:14:24 - [Farming] Farm successful 19:14:24 - [Farming] Farm Peacebloom > -15,9547 ; -4872,84 ; 19,7165 ; "None" 19:14:25 - Lock FC Stop in progress. I tried to use a Gather script as well, but with the same result. Any ideas? Thx in advance. 🙂 Edit: After a bit of fiddeling around i learned that increasing the min timeout value to at least 1500 makes the bot wait longer for the gather process to complete. but of couse everything else is slower as well.
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