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  1. Try with..... GoToFarm(){ new Thread(() => // Your code here }).Start(); } And in initialize just do GoToFarm()
  2. I think its : Thread.Abort() Buut.... Read this just in case: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14131608/how-to-terminate-a-thread-in-c Good luck.
  3. Hello, Is there a file in wRobot folder I can edit to set a default FightClass? Like an XML / Configuration file in which I can write and select a FightClass. Thanks, Inaru
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome! This is my Free Fight Class DEMO for wRobot made for Druids in Vanilla that supports levels from 1-20. Imporatant: Works only on English version of the Client. Fight Class you are about to buy is under constant improvement and currently uses most of the spells available in Vanilla for the selected class. Join Discord below for Help&Support, Bugs, Testing, Installation issues or any Question that You have! I will be more than happy to assist You. Discord: Click here! ? Soon I will be releasing a full 1-60 Version of the Druid Fight-Class which You can preview here: Features: Constant Updates 1-20 Free - Fight Class Vanilla compatible Using Spells without having to have them on action bars Dynamic spell rotation based upon character level Installation: 1. Download the Fight-Class 2. Place the Fight-Class .dll inside wRobot/fight-class folder 3. Start wRobot Select FightClass that You want to use from the drop- down menu 4. Click Start. 5. Done! Good luck and happy levelling ! ? Regards, Inaru Me & My products are not associated with wRobot company.
  5. Go to command prompt and type in ipconfig and press enter , under default gateway there stands your ip. Try with port 80!
  6. This shouldnt be a problem at all. Im perfectly botting while playing league. I have wow in windowed full screen and the same with league of legends. From what I've noticed.. wRobot takes a handle of a window, if you change that window from lets say full screen to windowed while botting wRobot will lose the handle of the window which will stop the bot because je lost the name of the window he Was controlling. Make sure you dont change these options after you start the bot. Good luck! Regards, Inaru
  7. For now I will make it simple with one ''perfect fight class'' for each class. Later on I could put dropdown buttons that allow you to select multiple fight classe if needed. My goal is to make it as simple to use as possible. Update: Druid fight class already in addition to everything automatically goes travel form out od combat and switches back to cat form in combat ? this will save a lot of time grinding as bot will move faster to each mob. Especially noticable in vast areas.
  8. Hey guys! Currently I'm developing a small standalone application that lets you choose your fightclass through the gui and then launches it to the wRobot. I was thinking of showing you how it looks! I'm pretty satisfied so far, but I would appreciate your opinion ? How do You like it? Thanks in advance! Regards, Inaru ?
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