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  1. Hey guys, i've been dealing with an issue for the past 2 days with wrobot randomly shutting down or crashing i dont even know. i'm using a paid grinder for vanilla and a paid fighting class, i contacted both authors for help and the first one told me it could be the Los check or my fighting class which is causing the error after carefully checking my wrobot logs. i then contacted the author of my fighting class and he explained me that his fighting class can;t crash wrobot because it's a try/catch block he told me it could be the smoothmove plugin but i never used that, the current plugins i am using is: Auto Choose Food And Drink version mine.cs GameAlertsVanilla.dll generalbandage_user.cs GeneralPotion_user.cs Generalscroll_user.cs hS2town.cs Randomjumper.cs Whatsgoingon.dll Wradar.dll The author also told me he saw alot of movement spam and thinks something is still affecting my movement. i also have a 144hz monitor and he told me to limit wow to 60hz and do the same with my monitor, i tried using rivatuner but is there any better way maybe? i think i'm also doing something wrong with the refresh rate i'm uploading my last 3 crash logs. if anybody could help me out getting wrobot to run with me being able to go AFK would be awesome 🙂 Thanks in advance 24 May 2019 14H57.log.html 24 May 2019 15H27.log.html 24 May 2019 16H01.log.html
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