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    AS far as i saw it im lvl 20 in 5 days.....And its always grinding.It has complete 10 -15 quests max and most of them didnt turn in.Sometimes stuck on open and close Npc tabs.Not recomended.Go buy a grinder.
  1. nothing at all i did them all still same
  2. i have put the order id on tab and i close it!
  3. im lvl 18 i m using paid questes pack and paid combat rogue class and human plugin and the bot is always checking and nothing else.how can i fix it?
  4. i tried this profile im lvl 9 it cast arcane shot and then it runs on the target and hit ghim with melee.Im horde and i cannot find a quest profile for Free....
  5. and i cannot get it why i should pay the already made profiles?Why the devs dont make one and i have to pay a user to share his profile?! time i see this in my gaming life.50-50 bot.
  6. vanilla i have tried the free one the bot doenst do anyhing evem the class profiles sucks.
  7. So i bought yesterday the bot and i paid 22 euro for privateservers LOL anyway.So i choose the questing section,Bot sucks i have hunter and it hits melee.So as stupoid i decide to see if anyone have shared a profile for this bot and guess waht they selling them for 25 euro.So Who is stupid at all?Should i pay 25 euro for private server?Should i ask refund because a bot devs u cant make questing profiles that no need to pay?Should i pay 60 euro for a private server bot?
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