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    you gave me a 10session for a month without ordering or paying it. i just have a problem with the 3 session i bought. i am running one at tbc expansion then i am opening a updater again picking wotlk but it also opens with tbc and cant play 2 different expasnions at the same time
  2. tr3lakias

    cant log in

    i amde a lot of changes. i did the 32thing to run wow. i deleted and download again some programmes i did some more things and i am ok now. dont know which one help but smting helped
  3. tr3lakias

    cant log in

    tryed all the methods with dx hook without all of them and i downloaded the "-nofakecallstack arg activated." file you send to smn at the forum. i have 3 more months subscription and i was looking to buy it again but ...............
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