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  1. Hello there! This is for Patch 1.12 so Vanilla. 1. Vanilla 😞 2. Suggestion is working! 3. Suggestion is working! 4. More like I dont want the mage to be in melee range but I dont want him aggroing tons of other mobs
  2. Hello Everyone! So I'm just starting to use the fight class creator and have built a super robust shaman profile that works really well. However I'm building a mage profile and running into some issues. 1 - For some reason my mage spams wand instead of letting it auto attack? 2 - Is there a way to set a spell for pull? like for instance if I can I want it to pull with Pyroblast, I tried setting combat to false but he continues to keep this spell in the rotation. 3 - Conjure food and drinks - I've tried just putting this on a timer but it doesnt work so well 4 - Nova and move 10 yards out "Safely" Really appreciate the help, I did try searching around and watching some videos just not really getting how to do the above range classes feel more complex 😞
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