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  1. Вообще это как раз палевно и не выглядит. Обычная практика, причем все так и руками кожу фармят. Валяется чужой трупик - подбежал, соскинил. 🙂
  2. I download from here Wow 7.3.5 (26124) Final > http://download.wrobot.eu/wrobot/oldversion/WRobot_7.3.5_26124.zip
  3. Hello. Wrobot for TRIAL key work fine with 26124 ver. But only I purchased a key, I have gives an error at startup. What I can start normal wrobot? In update - no my wersion for 7.3.5 26124
  4. How can turn on aouto-target for party if I playing for a heal? Or how i turn off character movement control mode on BG? It's possible?
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