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  1. I've done, disabled everything under mount tab, and still happens what I reported.
  2. It is kinda working right now, I just can't remove itens from the list, I need to remove all instead of only the ones I want, and instead of disconection i get a strange black screen, and the game drops to 10 fps. But when I logout I can play for somewhere around 1 hour.
  3. I took the test, and apparently what happens is that when I get to the Grinder area my character keeps summoning the mount before enganing mobs, hence doing the same the bot already does.
  4. Thanks for that, rly, very kind of you to put all this work into this. But Im such a noob, where am I supose to use this? should I create a Plugin or something else? Should I insert my mount name somewhere?
  5. I'm wondering if it is possible to use mount only when the bot get out of grinder to go sell stuff while ignoring the mobs along the way that are not targets in profile?
  6. Hello, thanks for the quick response. It worked, apparently it is LootFilterWrobot that crashes my WoW, but I was using it just fine, such a good plugin. There is any possible way to correct that?
  7. So, I used the bot for 3 or 4 days, and it worked just great, it's very good. But all of a sudden I'm being disconnected when I run the bot, and it gets me back to login page. I can play the game without it, i have tried to change profiles and fightclass, doesnt seen to work tho. Here is the log:
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