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    Hi, i did bot for battlegound but when bg proc my bot cancel bg and Q again he did it like 4-5 times then he go in, i turn off the " dont join queue if i'm not the lead " but still not working ..
  2. Hi, my bot did some mistake when i used it on Bg at start on warsong he run on the wall like 2 min until some a2 come near of flag then he will start to attack them and when he rez he go on the same way all time he don't fight as i want. I mean i need him to go in middle of bg and search fight die and fight again and again for avoid all " report " ^^ Its on Wotlk 3.3.5 with a feral druid
  3. thanks a lot it was Microsoft visual
  4. I launch Wrobot it doesn't found my game i did new update but still doesn't found my game i'll try to take you a screen. https://gyazo.com/ba9e1a203774f205ec2325b72a2b77a4
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