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  1. Sorry about that I accidently left the hardcoded value in. This was supposed to just be a proof of concept. If you still looking for this basic functionality I fixed it in this version to work where ever you put wrobot. https://github.com/KateLibby31337/PlayerDetector/raw/master/Binary/PlayerDetector.dll
  2. Version 1.01


    Basic Player Detector to play an alert file if someone was found nearby. I may update this further. Tested on 3.3.5a but it should work on everything i think. How to Install: Put the plugin in your plugins folder. Put the alert.wav at WRobot/Plugins/Sound/alert.wav Enable the Plugin. Purpose: I just wanted a very basic alert working before I dig into doing some custom behaviors to look more human. It will print out player-names if any are in render distance, if they stay in render distance longer than 15 seconds, you hear an alert. Note: T
  3. No worries your more then welcome to use it. I wouldn't have made it public if not. I like to give back 🙂
  4. I dont know if you are still trying to do this. But I got the sample code turned into a working plugin after fiddling with it for a while.
  5. Hello, I have been struggling to create a list of all nearby players for the last few days and figured its time to ask for some help. I just don't see what I am doing wrong, it works other type "unit", the debug tools outputs all players of type "Player" but I am trying to make a plugin and my list is always just completely null/empty no matter what I try for "Player", however I am having no problems with other types like "Unit". I wrote a sample plugin to demonstrate the issue (Attached to post) here is the parts that matter. // Broken var playersList = new List<WoWUnit&
  6. I see you set "Add to settings" on every spell, just to make sure, did you also set some ranged spells to true, by clicking the gear icon next to the fight class selection? Baring that, you also have the combat range at 5 which would be the max distance the bot perfers to stay at, make it like 25 or so and it will stay atleast 25y while stuff runs up to it. Also the "Cast spell on" field on each spell is set to "none" it should be set to target for hostile spells. In general the more conditions you add (with proper logic of course), and default fields you fill out (like target typ
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