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  1. Tell me what could be the problem? 1) I recorded a circular route 2) Sometimes random stuck textures occur. For example, a tree branch, a bush, a small stone, or a curb. 3) After getting stuck like this, the bot bugs and tries to return to the starting point of the route, instead of continuing. 4) With this bug, he runs to the beginning in a straight line, hitting all possible textures and getting stuck completely. 5) In the protection settings, after 20 jams, the bot closes. How to make the bot continue the route after getting stuck instead of running to the beginning? Help p
  2. Yep. The problem is its random bug. One morning its work fine. Than doesnt work at all)
  3. How to create fightclass for druid? Need to cast bear form and tank spells when in combat. But for some reason, my character doest want to use bear form, and skip all bear spells, than cast moonfire only. How to fix?
  4. Im play on 8.2 private server, try to use relogger. Its launch wow, loggin into account, log on character, but then nothing. Im select correct profiles for gatherer and fight class. Why relogger doesn launch gatherer profile? Or its trial version bug/restriction?
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