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  1. I am a sub but is not on this account.
  2. profile is not enough for that to be honest u need ur own stuff like plugins , fc and sometime u need ur own product as well.
  3. @Droidz can u allow us to set MovementManager.InMovement (true/false) and MovementManager.InMovementLoop (true/false) ? because i want to build my own movement manager instead of using the default movement manager. The reason i ask for this is because there is too many stuff using that two function.
  4. Yes i know what u mean but what i want is how to convert ingame guid to hex128bit. Nvm i found my answer on other forum.
  5. how to convert combat log guid to int128 guid ?
  6. Create entire new product it take a lot of time and i dont have much time for that atm.I would like to do that but that not a option for me atm :).
  7. Yes i do know how FSM works and i already did several plugin by myself. I only want to know the best approach for the issue i facing.Btw thx for the help thought.
  8. I did try this but it end up badly. I using the state approach thought.
  9. i understand that but the thing is i want to take control of the bot combat movement.Instead of letting the bot move to target i want my own move to target logic and no i dont want XML file i prefer raw C# code which i can have full control of my stuff.Btw i dont want to use the MovementPulse event which i think is a bad idea because it might cause some issue.I guess the only way to do that is probably replace the farming state with ur own state.
  10. That not what i want. What i want is take control of the movement of the FC and replace with my own movement.
  11. How to overwrite FC movement in questing/grinding/gather mode. Is there any event i can use for that?
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