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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    Hello everyone. Today i wanted to share my new Battle Ground Fight Class for Retribution Paladin. I will be adding lot more options upon request. Features: Combat Rotation Stun lowest hp Target ( if more then one) Engineering Gloves (Settings option, off by default.) usage of Lesser Flask of Toughness (Settings option, off by default.) Flash of Light on low Hp (40% by default , add option to set HP % of personal choosing.) Lay on Hands on low Hp (15% by default, add option to set HP % of personal choosing.) Every Man for them self (will add other Trinkets, Racials upon request.) Self buff (will add Group buff at a later date.) Aura change . (Only has Devotion Aura, will add more at a later date.) Add attack range. (Set you're own attack range. 5 Feet is set by default.) If you find any bugs or want me to implement anything, Join our discord server and send me a message. : https://discordapp.com/invite/xQuhs5C
  2. Hey I was wondering if it were possible to join BGs through the entrance portals. Server I am on the battlemasters do not exist yet... just need a script to walk 3 feet after leaving the bg to walk into the portal and queue EDIT: realize this is in the wrong section. I apologize
  3. So I have recorded paths for various BG's. My question is how do I now use those? I named them [A]WSG and [A]AB and put them in the battlegrounder folder but it still does the default routes. If I create a custom profile how do I access it? thanks again
  4. I was just wondering how I can run a grinder profile in between battlegrounds during the que. I know there is the option to "use different product during que" I can select Grinder but I am not sure how to choose a profile for the grinder. So for now my Character just sits and waits in between ques. Thanks!
  5. Since a few days ago the battlegrounder is no longer auto joining bgs nor is it leaving bgs when they complete. i havent change anything on my profile and last week this profile was working without issue. any thoughts?
  6. can someone please help i've been having problems running the battlegrounds script everytime i end up getting kicked out of WSG due to blockages, and its always WSG can anyone help or give me some advice plz? i tried reinstalling, setting wall distance to 2.0 nothing works ;(
  7. I am having a problem with three horde side Battlegrounds, WSG, SotA and Twin Peaks. The general problem is the same, my character just runs into a wall. Specifically: WSG: when I respawn, I turn and just run into the west fence and wall of the respawn area. The fence in that area is kinda new so the route news to be reworked. Twin Peaks: when the game begins I go right into the water and then just run into the deck and if I get around it, I run into the building. SotA: This one is a mess, I am constantly running into walls and unbroken gates. I had to make this BG one that I do not cue for.
  8. Version 1.1


    Erv Boomy PvP v1.1 If you like this fight class, be sure to check out my Elemental Shaman PvP class, Due to the lack of PvP centered Boomkin profiles, I made this profile to make it easier for my boomy to grind battlegrounds. This profile will dps, heal, use offensive and defensive cooldowns, attempt to crowd control, and interrupt spellcasting with solar beam and mass entanglement. As there are several talent-specific abilities written into this fight class, the following talents should be taken to ensure that the profile works correctly. 15 Your choice, no talents input into profile 30 Cenarion Ward or Renewal (your choice) 45 Mass Entanglement 60 Force of Nature or Incarnation (your choice) 75 Disorienting Roar 90 Heart of the Wild or Nature's Vigil (your choice) -Basic Rotation (prioritized in this order) Will apply and maintain Moonfire and Sunfire on the target. Will cast Starsurge on cooldown, giving Starsurge the priority when you get a Shooting Stars proc. Will cast Starfall on cooldown, ONLY when in Lunar Eclipse. Will repeat the following cycle indefinitely: Cast Wrath until you enter a Lunar Eclipse. Cast Starfire until you enter a Solar Eclipse. Cast Wrath until you enter a Lunar Eclipse. And so on. -Damage Dealing Cooldowns (prioritized over Basic Rotation) Will cast Celestial Alignment every three minutes on cooldown (when in combat). If talented for Force of Nature, will use one Force of Nature treant every 10s, to allow one to always be off cooldown and recharged. If talented for Incarnation: Chosen of Elune, will cast every 3 minutes on cooldown (when in combat) -Defensive and Healing Cooldowns (prioritized over Basic Rotation) Will use Barkskin every 60 seconds on cooldown if your HP is equal to or below 70%. Will use Cenarion Ward every 30 seconds on cooldown if talented for it and if your HP is equal to or below 65%. Will use Renewal every 2 minutes on cooldown if talented for it and if your HP is equal to or below 60% Will use Heart of the Wild every 6 minutes on cooldown if your HP is equal to or below 60%. Will cast Rejuvenation every 12 seconds on yourself. Will use Might of Ursoc if your HP is equal to or below 50%. Will use Nature's Swiftness during Heart of the Wild and if your HP is equal to or below 50%. Additionally, if these conditions are met, once Nature's Swiftness is used, a big, Heart of the Wild-buffed Healing Touch will trigger on yourself Will cast Tranquility every 8 minutes on cooldown, ONLY when Heart of the Wild is active and if your HP is equal to or below 40%. -Crowd Control Will cast Mass Entanglement when your target is casting, in an attempt to immediately use Solar Beam. Will use Disorienting Roar when there are two or more targets nearby. Hopefully you guys like the profile, hopefully there aren't too many problems with it, and please leave a little bit of feedback if you are interested in seeing the fight class updated! Thanks, -Erv
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