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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    Fight Class for Fury Warrior 1-80 (Beta) [3.3.5a] Rotation: Battle Stance (On/Off-Setting) Berserker Stance (On/Off-Setting) - Charge (On/Off-Setting) (Pull) - Charge (On/Off-Setting) (switches out of fight to Battle Stance) - Bloodthirst - Bloodthirst - Rend - Whirlwind - Sunder Armor (On/Off-Setting) - Heroic Strike (More then 40 Rage) - Slam (if Bloodsurge proc)(On/Off-Setting) - Cleave (+2 Targets) (More then 40 Rage) - Heroic Strike (More then 40 Rage) (Main before Bloodthirst) - Victory Rush - Cleave (+2 Targets) (More then 40 Rage) - Intercept (On/Off-Setting) - Victory Rush - Pummel (Interrupt) (On/Off-Setting) - Overpower - Execute - Pummel (Interrupt) (On/Off-Setting) (switches to Berserker Stance and back) - Slam (if Bloodsurge proc)(On/Off-Setting) - Execute Buffs : - Racials (Blood Fury, Berserking) (+2 Targets) (Boss fight) - Battle Shout (On/Off-Setting) - Death Wish (Boss fight) - Demoralizing Shout (+2 Targets) - Bloodrage (<15 Rage) This Fight Class is still in Beta. Please help me to improve it and comment. Have Fun Chiper
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Introduction This class is based on the popular 2-handed fury improved slam spec: auto-attack -> instanly slam -> repeat Features Works with flurry Uses charge when available Uses revenge when available Uses bloodrage when available Uses execute when available and own health is below 70% (else it saves the rage for next fight) Keeps battleshout buff up Setup (READ BEFORE USING!) The fight class is based on weapon speed 3.6. If your weapon has speed a different speed, follow the steps below!! In order to have the correct timing for slam right after an auto attack, you will have to modify the Slam timers(2) in the fight class. Example: changing the timer for weapon speed 3.8 open the wrobot fight class editor load the fightclass select the top slam from the spell section (this is the one used when flurry is active) change the timer to 2680 ( = 3800 * 0.7 + 20) note: the +20 is added to make sure it does not trigger slam too early, you can play around with this number if needed. note: this is based on 30% attack speed with 5 points in flurry note: if you have less points in flurry, change the 0.7 accordingly select the bottom slam from the spell section (this is the one used when flurry is not active) change the timer to 3820 ( = 3800 + 20) note: the +20 is added to make sure it does not trigger slam too early, you can play around with this number if needed. Contributions The rotation does not always work perfect, sometimes slam gets interrupted, but most of the time it is working well. If you find any improvements, please comment below!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Comprehensive, all in one Fight Class for Fury Warriors Supports all talents Uses Heroic Leap/Charge Standard rotations (Single/Multi target) AOE burst Tough enemies/players burst Some defensive cooldowns (Enraged Regeneration+Bloodthirst/Intimidating Shout) Tough enemy/player interrupts with Pummel ( no spell checks ) Couldn't test thoroughly since the servers went for a restart. There are some annoyances with Heroic Leap where it'll jump to whatever you target, friend or foe. It's either a blessing or a curse.. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know. Let me know if you run into bugs/issues. Suggestions are welcome :)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I've been putting this together as I'm currently leveling on a WotLK private server. Works pretty well with the WRotation product option. Details: Bloodthirst + Whirlwind priority, dump with Heroic Strike at 45 Rage(currently no cleave) Casts Slam only when Slam! procs Casts Victory Rush when possible Will use Bloodrage, Berserker Rage and Battle Shout respectively If anything, you can use it during dungeons and your party won't tell the difference looking at your DPS. Hope it's useful!
  5. just as the name says i am wondering if anyone would be able to make a fury warrior fighter profile for 3.3.5a wotlk wow thank you in advance
  6. Version 1.7


    Fury Warrior Wrobot Rotation XML Talents are; 2-3-3-3-3-3-3 I did NOT add the survival,dps and mobility cooldowns to use them manually when needed. All the skills getting executed according to "Enrage" buff exists or not. Note: I will be updating the XML pretty frequently for the first days to improve it. So please keep an eye on here for the updates. Bug reports and comments for improving the xml are always welcome. You can reach me via Skype as well. Skype username: anqelican Anqelica_Fury_Warrior_v1.5.xml
  7. Hey, I have been playing around with Dragon Roar and I can't for the life of me get it to cast only if Enrage is up. It will always cast automatically when available no matter what conditions I set It's like it doesn't pick the buff on me up. Could I grab some assistance in this space. C code appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Version 1.1.1


    This is one of a few I have, if you guys find it decent I'll upload more classes and specs. Sept 30, 2015 - Update As I forgot to give everyone my talent list that I used for the creation of this profile, here it is. 15 - Double Time 30 - Impending Victory 45 - Sudden Death 60 - Storm Bolt 75 - NA 90 - Bloodbath/Avatar (user preference) 100 - Seigebreaker (this will be switching to Anger Management on the next release when I smooth out the timing/rage efficiency, as it provides the greatest potential DPS output) I have finished the following using this Profile as a rotation: - All Looking for Group dungeons AS dps. - All of Highmaul in Looking for Raid AS dps - created custom farming profiles using this as the fight class. Thanks, Sean Ps. Helpful tips/suggestions are always welcome
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Back again with another profile this time my Fury Warrior had this one going for a few months now but thought i should share it most beneficial for geared (in at least blue 700 ilvl gear) fury warriors you will run a train through the enemy. if you download it and you enjoy please leave a review or at least star it up - as always feel free to leave your comments.
  10. Version 123.1


    If you Use my Fightclasses PLEASE rate them for others to know what you think. This is my Fury Warrior Spec and Glyphs. The Spec and Glyphs Are in the link below. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator#ZZ!102000!cXUMKI This is the way I setup my Fury Warrior for this fight class. Please Leave Feed Back if you like my Fight Class. Leave me any changes you would like to see to my fight class and I will do the work to make it happen. Thank you for Downloading and running my Fightclass. :lol:
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