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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Thinking of people who, like me, do not earn in Euro or in dollars (I am Brazilian), the value of most waste pickers here is high because we pay in reais and the salary is very low. I created this leveling mining for people who can't afford it. I will be improving constantly according to your feedback. I hope I have helped many people! if you want to make a donation contact my email: [email protected] HOW TO USE: Extract the files to the: Wrobot > Profiles> Gatherer folder. Open the wrobot. In Main select Gatherer > Product Settings >
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, this is a travel profile. 🙂 It will take you from Menethil Harbor to Southshore on foot or mount. It will automatically talk with FLIGHT MASTERS so you will get flight points in REFUGE POINTE and SOUTHSHORE. You should put the FILE in the GATHERER profile folder. The travel is on the main road so it's minimum danger. Don't forget to turn on the loot herb/nodes option because there are some near the road. ☘️ Thank you.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Simple gatherer for herbing and mining in Tirisfal Glades.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hello! Elwynn Forest herbing and mining gatherer profile. Tends to gather more herb than ores 😉 slikosummer
  5. Version 1.0.0


    The Loot Image shows the loot after 4h farming. Its a personal Route and my first profile, maybe i can create a maproute in a few days. It is only a few days available pls rate and comment.
  6. Hey everyone, When my Gatherer detects an underwater node while on flying mount, the bot will fly on top of the water surface but wont unmount. So the bot tries to force the char to go underwater which results in a very botlike behaviour of hitting the surface over and over again. Is there a way to either make the bot unmount or skip underwater nodes? by the way: i really love that bot, great work :) greez
  7. Version


    This is my personal path to farming Herb in Suramar
  8. Hello, I'm writing a plugin for Blood of Sargeras exchange and I want to use it in pair with Gatherer, but if I try to pause Gatherer product and make plugin go on a custom routine GoTo tasks do not work, is there a proper way to supress main product or insert a custom function into main Engine with priority higher than Gatherer? Thanks in advance.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Try it if you like it.....DONATE..to make more profiles!!!! [email protected] Each $ 5 donation will give you a profile that is just for you!!!!!------zone of your choice----- ....
  10. My bot just tryed to go underground in open area with no trees or anything that could block him. It not the first time i get this kind of stuck. It happens on other profiles too but rarely. Any tips how it can be fixed?
  11. Hi, is it possible to "intercept/override" the "move-to-gather node" state of gatherer? I want to add some basic anti-stuck when flying to a node via a plugin. Like ascending / strafing some yards when distance to the gathe rnode does not change for like 5 seconds. Thanks for any help
  12. HI, 1.) please see attached a log and a screenshot of my dead druid trying to reach its corpse endlessly, running against an obstacle. (see screenshot) a simple hit onto the spacebar (lifting the char a few meters) solved the stuck. I understand that they may be situations where unstuck does not succeed. But after like 30 seconds it shoud then try again (by clicking "return to corpse") or rezz at GY with sickness. 2.) also you can see in the log: Although I disabled every attacking/fighting etc when farming in the options, and NO plugins installed there are
  13. Hi, I can see that there is some basic flying unstuck when the bot is in "cruising/pathing" mode when following a gathering route. But as soon as gatherer finds a node the bot heads in a straight line to the node and gets stuck with the slightes object (like a singke tree-twig) in its path. In that mode anti-stuck is disabled obviously. The bot then blacklists the node after like 30 seconds. (is it possible to reduce that time?). Is it possible to activate/allow flying unstuck when hunting a gathering node? thank you and merry x-mas -- marrvin
  14. I have a problem with gatherer on 5.4.8. The bot gather ore and herbs fine, but when it tries to mail to alt, where the mailbox is underneath a roof, the bot cant bypass the roof and kept trying to go down from right above mailbox. the roof blocks the mailbox and the bot still keep trying without finding an alternative path. if the bot know how to move a few steps away instead of going down from right above it.. it would be able to get to the mailbox. how do i fix that? most of the profiles i use have this problem. as long as they use faction mailbox (all pandaria facti
  15. Hello, love wrobot, been using and setting up profiles for a week now. Wondering if there is an option to disable dismounting after farming an herb node while on the sky golem?
  16. Bonjour a tous Je m'adresse de nouveau a vous suite a un nouveau problème . J'utilise deux compte sur serveur privé , mon bot fonctionne a merveille mais récemment , uniquement avec un seul de mes personnage , la fonction Gatherer ne fonctionne plus . j'ai tous regardé , le bot est bien associer a se personnage , je joue avec un seul wow lancé , mes parametre de bot sont correct mais il y a rien a faire , quand je lance gatherer avec mon Dk pour qu'il farm du minerai impossible de lancer le bot , si je lance mon autre compte et que j'envoi un autre perso farmer du minerais ca fonct
  17. Hi, I want to pause Gatherer Prodcut at a certain situation, do other stuff for a while (like killing a mob) and then unpausing Gatherer again on my plugin. If i command directly like; Interact.InteractGameObject(Npc.GetBaseAddress); Bot stucks between "continue gather" and "Interact object". It goes back and forward for a while and in the end decide for one of them. It sometimes really "Interact" with the object, sometimes ignore this command and continue to run current gather profile. How can i just pause runnig profile and do stuff for a while?
  18. Omg... so annoying, your bot is bugged... it should use the flying mount while gathering, but after a while it stops and just lands on the ground? WTF?
  19. Hi, My bot is getting stuck for hours on what appears to be path finding issues (using gatherer). This happens randomly and I cannot resolve it by adding blackspots. This appears to have started 2 updates ago when there was a change in path-finding and encryption/compression for meshes i think? Not sure. If I stop/start the bot, the issue goes away and the bot starts moving again. Excerpt from the attached logs that show what the bot is doing when it gets stuck for hours: [N] 01:29:38 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -8692.03 ; -4497.512 ; 15.96123 ; "None" to -8691.563
  20. Is there any way to make my character use his hearthstone when relogger logs in? My concern is that in the event i get stuck and am using relogger, i will just log back in and stay stuck in an awkward position for everyone to see, until i get dcd for being stuck then the cycle continues.
  21. Hello, yesterday i have wrote my first profile but i have one problem. The charakter dont flew to all waypoint only from ramkahen 300 meter and back to ramkahen i dont know why. on the map tool the route seems to be ok :/ Profile attached Uldum.xml
  22. Hello, I've noticed an issue with gatherer that make the bot stucks with nodes in water. bot still do the same thing in a loop, Fly above water, again and again. Characteristics during stuck Gatherer profile : Seu Ore Gatherer 0.9. Zone : Pandaria (VotFW, JF, KW, VoEB) General Settings : Detteck stuck nodes = true Numbers of times that happens : 5 times in a week am i the only one who run on this kind of issue ? there is a solution to avoid that ? I've edited the log file to remove name of mail recipient and name of character during select proc
  23. Is there a way to automatically change the gathering profile after an amount of time? Since 7.2 has dropped I've noticed a serious drop in gathered nodes per hour after the third pass of a long route I've build. My profile starts at around 170 gathers / hour and by pass 3 its down to 90 gathers / hour, and slowly drops off from there the longer its left. Ive looked at the scheduler, but I cant see how to change the used profile for the swap?
  24. Hi all! I would like to ask if someone could clarify to me how to set up a profile like this one: 1. Gather Herbs in Highmountain for 2 hours 2. Logout for 3 hours 3. Login 4. Use Flight Master's Whistle 5. Fly to Aszuna 6. Gather Herbs in Aszuna for 2 hours and so on.. I am able to use single profiles, but I need to manually take my character in the other zone and switch profile. Is there a way to automate it? and if so, how to do it? Edit: I tried to setup Relogger, following the Tutorial on this Forum, but it keeps starti
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