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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.2.1


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $1.00 – Single IP License (1) PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $4.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT About: WAide is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that intelligently uses several consumables – buff scrolls, buff potions, HP & MP potions, bandages, sharpening stones and weight stones. Features: – Intelligent bandage & stone use: Plugin will only attempt to craft known bandages and stones that have been learned from trainers If enabled by user, plugin will stop crafting bandages and stones once they are grey and no longer provide skill increases Plugin will automatically begin crafting higher-level bandages and stones as these spells are learned – Sells low-level reagents and leftover bandages: If enabled by user, plugin will automatically sell First Aid reagents used to craft grey bandages, ex: Linen Cloth, Wool Cloth, Small Venom Sac, etc. Plugin will also sell any leftover grey bandages to maximize free bag space – HP, MP & Bandage % – allows the user to define the health and mana percentages at which to use potions and bandages – Combat HP & MP Potions – allows the user to enable the use of the following MP & HP potions during combat: Minor Healing & Mana Lesser Healing & Mana Healing & Mana Greater Healing & Mana Superior Healing & Mana Major Healing & Mana – Buff Potions & Scrolls – allows the user to enable the use of the following potions and scrolls: Agility Scrolls (1-4) Intellect Scrolls (1-4) Protection Scrolls (1-4) Stamina Scrolls (1-4) Strength Scrolls (1-4) Agility Potions: Minor Agility, Lesser Agility, Agility, Great Agility Defense Potions: Minor Defense, Defense, Greater Defense, Superior Defense HP Regen Potions: Weak Troll, Strong Troll, Mighty Troll, Major Troll Stamina Potions: Minor Fortitude, Fortitude Strength Potions: Lion's Strength, Ogre's Strength, Giants – Craft & Use Bandages – allows the user to define craft and use settings for the following bandages: Linen & Heavy Linen Wool & Heavy Wool Silk & Heavy Silk Mageweave & Heavy Mageweave Runecloth & Heavy Runecloth (craft only) Anti-venom (craft only) String Anti-venom (craft only) Powerful Anti-venom – Craft & Use Stones – allows the user to define craft and use settings for the following stones: Rough Coarse Heavy Solid Dense Notes: a. Buff Potions & Scrolls – The plugin will intelligently manage scroll and potion buffs, e.g., the plugin will not use Stamina scrolls if the character currently has the Power Word: Fortitude buff, the plugin will not use Intellect scrolls if the character currently has the Arcane Intellect buff, the plugin will not attempt to use an Agility I scroll if the character currently has the Agility IV scroll buff, etc. In Vanilla Wow, some potions and scrolls are stackable, while others are not – the plugin will intelligently stack scrolls and potions when possible, but will not attempt to use potions or scrolls that will override existing buffs or are otherwise non-stackable. b. Sharpening & Weight Stones – Vanilla WoW does not provide the ability to retrieve extensive weapon buff information from the game client, such as buff name, type, duration, etc. Due to the limitations imposed by the Vanilla game client, stones buffs are applied and reapplied on a timer – if the WRobot client is stopped (not paused), this timer is reset. Once the plugin's stone buff timer has been reset, depending on the remaining duration of the current buffs and the length of time that the WRobot client is stopped, the stone buff timer will be out of sync with the game client's actual buff timer. An out of sync buff timer will cause the plugin to fail to immediately reapply stone buffs following the expiration of existing stone buffs – however, if left alone (no more client stops), on the plugin's next stone buff rotation, the plugin will reset its buff timer to match the game client's. TL;DR: constant stops and starts of the WRobot client will cause periodic stone buff delays; the plugin will eventually correct any delays if the stops and starts cease. c. Weapon change support (WEquip) – WAide will intelligently reapply stone buffs anytime a character's weapons are changed; WAide is compatible with WEquip's weapon upgrade functionality. Changes in weapons will not disrupt WAide's buff timer – stone buffs are reapplied and the plugin's buff timer is appropriately modified anytime a character's weapons are changed. d. Dual wield support – Dual wield support is available for both sharpening and weight stones; the plugin will automatically attempt to buff both weapons if the use of any of the stones is enabled. The plugin will also manage mismatched weapons types, i.e., a sharp weapon in one hand and a blunt weapon in the other – in this scenario, the plugin will use both a sharpening and weight stone to correctly apply the appropriate buff to each weapon. e. Crafting First Aid & Blacksmithing – If crafting is enabled, once no further bandages or stones are available in the character's bags, the plugin will attempt to craft a full stack (20) of bandages or three (3) sharpening or weight stones; if the materials for twenty (20) bandages or three (3) stones are not available, the plugin will attempt to craft as many bandages or stones as possible given the character's current available inventory.
  2. Good day. Sorry in advance for my english, it's far not my native language. Searched forum for a while, but still can't find detailed information about handwriting FightClass. Maybe it's because i'm new here, or just because i'm dumb. I'd like to use C#, where can i get more detailed api for it? For example, i'd like to write some custom functions for a bot, like this: 1) Override Eat function inside the bot. I'd like to force him check an inventory and eat first available food from the list, that is hardcoded inside the FC. 2) While in combat, check inventory for an item, and if it's available, use it. For example, if bot hp <= 15% && bot got "Healing potion" then bot use "Healing potion" 3) Check target health (not percent, but a number of health that left) 4) Use some abilityes when bot goes to the vendor (for example use blink or sprint to speed that process) and then use this abilities when bot is going back to the profile. And maybe some others functions, depending on api. Is it even possible? Thank you for your answers and any advices.
  3. Hey all, im starting to play around with pluggins but this ones a bit above me at this time. I would like a pluggin to use potions. I know this action can be written into the fight class- however i think this is more easily done as a pluggin. The pluggin would only activate if A:- bot actually HAS a potion in its inventory B: bot is below a configurable % of health potions i would like used in the pluggin http://www.wowhead.com/spell=2330/minor-healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/spell=2337/lesser-healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/spell=3447/healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/spell=7181/greater-healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/item=3928/superior-healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/spell=17556/major-healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/spell=28551/super-healing-potion http://www.wowhead.com/item=33447/runic-healing-potion <!-- Basic Items: Potions, Health (ordered by level to use) --> <Item Name="Minor Healing Potion" Entry="118" /> <Item Name="Lesser Healing Potion" Entry="858" /> <Item Name="Discolored Healing Potion" Entry="4596" /> <Item Name="Healing Potion" Entry="929" /> <Item Name="Greater Healing Potion" Entry="1710" /> <Item Name="Superior Healing Potion" Entry="3928" /> <Item Name="Combat Healing Potion" Entry="18839" /> <Item Name="Superior Healing Draught" Entry="17349" /> <Item Name="Major Healing Potion" Entry="13446" /> <Item Name="Major Healing Draught" Entry="17348" /> <Item Name="Super Healing Potion" Entry="22829" /> <Item Name="Argent Healing Potion" Entry="43531" /> <Item Name="Auchenai Healing Potion" Entry="32947" /> <Item Name="Bottled Nethergon Vapor" Entry="32905" /> <Item Name="Crystal Healing Potion" Entry="33934" /> <Item Name="Healing Potion Injector" Entry="33092" /> <Item Name="Rulkster's Secret Sauce" Entry="32763" /> <Item Name="Volatile Healing Potion" Entry="28100" /> <Item Name="Fel Regeneration Potion" Entry="31676" /> <Item Name="Major Combat Healing Potion" Entry="31838" /> <Item Name="Major Combat Healing Potion" Entry="31839" /> <Item Name="Major Combat Healing Potion" Entry="31852" /> <Item Name="Major Combat Healing Potion" Entry="31853" /> <Item Name="Endless Healing Potion" Entry="43569" /> <Item Name="Resurgent Healing Potion" Entry="39671" /> <Item Name="Runic Healing Potion" Entry="33447" /> <Item Name="Runic Healing Injector" Entry="41166" />
  4. Hi, I`ve tryed to put Potions as an Optional Setting in a Fight Class, but for some Reason only one C# Code is shown in the Settings for the Class. How can i resolve this Problem? It really buggs me right now :/
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