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Found 44 results

  1. Version 3.0.0


    Hey wRobot Community, all in one file, all 3 starting zones, active Support, class quests, active development. The demo contains all starting Zones up to level 8. Just start a fresh bot with it. It will detect the race of the bot and start acordingly. Horde leveling at it's best. I hope you enjoy this piece of work. Level 1 to 60 support for Vanilla/TBC Many quests and quest chains done to get good XP Rates! The horde quester of wRobot with the most quests finished! Future Updates will include more questing for free! Automated Updates! The Profile updates itself on every start. Automated Buying of low level weapons & armor Buyer-Exclusive Discord for help and fast updates All 3 Starting Zones included (just start the profile) All in one Quester Profile - Easy to handle! Improved loading time! Very Big Routes to avoid Bot Trains as much as possible Your Bot will make sure to get important Flightpaths! Already implemented: Druid: Bear Form Quest Warrior: Defensive Stance Quest Hunter: Pet Quest (Tauren/Orc/Troll) Warlock: Pet Quests Shaman: Totem Quests [Paid] This Plugin offers so many features that I will not list them here. Must have. Human Master Plugin by Matenia [Paid] A solid Fightclass that is able to handle 2 mobs or more. e.g. Ordush's BM Hunter for Vanilla [FREE] Using the Plugin "WhatsGoingOn"! My profile is documented. WhatsGoingOn Plugin by Matenia [FREE] Use my Discord for Bug Reports, I will fix them as soon as possible. (Link in the Purchase E-Mail) [FREE] Using the free Accept Group Invite Plugin so you can team up with others. Accept Group Invite by Droidz [GOLD] You have to spend some gold on gear for warrior / rogue classes! Buy the Profile & Wait for the Email! Download the Profile from the Email. Note down the ORDER ID! (At the top of the Purchase E-Mail) Move the extracted .xml file into Profiles/Quester! Start the Profile with your Bot (as a Quester File!!!) Enter the Order ID in the popup window and press enter to authenticate your product. Close the popup window with the Order ID before the error appears. [Vanilla] Horde 1 to 60 Quester - 21,99€ Disclaimer: I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way!
  2. I get PM'd about this a lot- Video should make it easier.
  3. I feel like I've seen this setting somewhere, but I can't seem to find anything now that I want it. I am doing a very basic grinding profile, but it's dangerous to go far from the hotspot. I am farming 2 kinds of mobs, and they span a fairly broad distance, but if I run too far away from the spot I want to stay, I run into more problematic mobs. So, how can I set it to only walk X yards from the hotspot? I'd much rather restart and stand still awaiting respawns than die over and over. Thanks!
  4. Hi I'm currently leveling 5 druids to level 80 on a 3.3.5 server. I'm running 1 feral tank, 3 feral dps and 1 resto druid. I'm mostly running grinder on my tank and then party on the other 4 druids which is working really good. I've done a few dungeons with them and that works really good aswell, but then I manually have to controll the druid tank. My goal with this team was to be able to run dungeon/quester profiles on my main druid and then have the 4 druids assist him. Running the dungeons manually on the main character works fine so I surviving is not an issue, problem is for example, searching and also joining the dungeon. I've setup the team so that I can use party chat to send commands to the other bots for example "Drink" and all the bots start drinking. Looking at the party bot it does not have many options so it looks like all the logics will have to be done within the main character so for example if it's going to search dungeon the main character searches for dungeon and it then send a party command "Pick Role" and all druids pick a role and when it detetects queue pop(which will be instant becuase of 5 characters) it will send party command "Accept Dungeon". This feel doable with some LUA perhaps? Help me with this one if it's even possible. The problem I then face is how does it know which dungeon profile to run, I can create dungeon profile for all the dungeons within the random dungeon finder BUT it needs to detect which one it is and then run quester profile accordingly. Is there anyway todo this? Any help is greatly apprecuited! I have not touched any LUA except some basic commands in fight classes and I've never even looked at c++ code. So if c++ or lua is needed some great pointers where to look for guidance would be great! Thank you!
  5. Hello, I would like the complete list of usable "function" please 🙂 Exemple: return wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(4992) == 1; Thank you! 🙂
  6. Hey guys, Im looking for a good Mining Profile. Ive tried to buy [PAID][A+H] 1-375 Mining [TRULY] 1.0.0 but couldnt finish the purchase. Anyone else has problems with it? Thank you in advance 🙂
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Alliance Battlegrounder profile for The Battle of Gilneas. Cycles through bases. This profile worked good for me (tested on MoP), if you experience any problem feel free to report it. Have fun
  8. Doppelt abzocken? Das ist doch Scheiße man mietet sich den "BOT" und kann in kaum bis gar nicht benutzen, wen man sich die Profile anschaut ( hust wen man das so nähen darf) ist die hälfte müll und die anderen kosten mehr als der bot WDF für was zahl ich den, für ein faulen eier kraulenden "Support" der nicht da ist? 🤔 Was wird den hier Geboten für das Geld das man dalässt ? PS: hier wird man so hart 👉🏻👌🏼
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Alliance Battlegrounder profile for Eye of the Storm. Cycles through bases and middle. This profile worked good for me (tested on WoTLK and MoP), if you experience any problem feel free to report it. Have fun
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Alliance Battleground profile for Arathi Basin. It doesn't run into water and it does a nice path. This profile worked good for me (tested on WoTLK and MoP), if you experience any problem feel free to report it. Have fun
  11. Hellu! Im farming a specific set of mobs that are badly placed from graveyard (making ghost run over the edge), and badly located when you look at the mobs around theese mobs (elites and charging mobs). Have to travel far for Mailbox and Repair/Vendor is at a somewhat bad place running through alot of mobs. I have slow flying so the "Use Flying mount" options makes it easy for dismount and death. Since i dont know how to make the bot fly higher up. Theese problems had made me want to ask for a Profile creator! I need this Profile made very proffesional! Im a Hunter so buying arrows and buying food and water is also something i need. If you are very good at making Profiles please contact me :) And i will make it worth your time!
  12. I'm interested in a good Uldaman profile for live servers. One that is capable of killing everything in the instance and being able to loot the ancient treasure at the end.
  13. Is there any ways possible we can edit current profiles ? For example - battlegrounder... I want to control it whilst it is fighting allowing me to choose target , move etc
  14. 1.BOT Question 1: Why the configuration file on the forum It did not find the code to write vocational trainer learning skills and no plug-ins, but still will go to learn skills, and every time a level one study, I prepared according to the tutorial Quests configuration file will not go to learn skills. // This upgrade to find a trainer to learn skills how to write 2.BOT Problem 2: Difficult to combine between different profiles This coordinate can not Ctrl + c, Ctrl + v to another configuration file. Then this happens, ,After a configuration file is finished, it is inconvenient to manually replace the next configuration file a.// Is there any way to have different profiles merged together and then modified. b.// or quests order editor there is a command ,go to asd_1.XML => go to asd_2.XML => go to asd_3.XML, to achieve the jump between the configuration file?
  15. Hello im using [Paid 1-60 HORDE Questing Profile] & [Paid Wrobot Warrior] The bot works so fine with relogger im at 97% AFK and was easy to setup but I got 3 problems 1) Can Wrobot auto detect vendor & food in my level - buy it - & slot it to action bar - use it & auto "dont sell" (From level 1 to 60)? ------ At the moment im botting without food & if i want food i have to buy it myself and log it in wrobot so it wont sell it 2) SpellToActionBar Plugin my issue here is that i have to drag new skills to my action bar before this addon worke. It will change rank 1 to 2 but if the skills is not on the bar it will just stay in spellbook and i have to take it to action bar manually 3) [Paid iequip] Im using main hand & shield. I have to disable equip main hand so the bot dont equip 2h. Is there a way to say (Use 2h - False) so i can set (Use mainhand - true) on again? I also like to ask if someone know a guide to setup multiple accounts to grp/raid and follow/assist each other and do quests 1-60 Thank you. Edit# Problem 4) If my wrobot crash & relog it wont start where it left. It will Run back to a quest giver far far away & try to retake quests sometimes in other zones then back to where it started"crashed/relog" and run properly
  16. Version 1.0.1


    Fight Class for Unholy DK 101 twinks. Will not waste cooldowns ( for grinding, not dungeon running ) Will use Death and Decay on 3 or more targets Option to enable Path of Frost 3/2/3/1/3/3/3 talents.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    This is just a very simple profile to have Undead toons go from their start zone to the Orc / Troll starting zone (most quester profiles start from there) It will: Walk to Brill trying to avoid mobs Walk from Brill to the zep loading area Wait for the Orgr zep, then get in Get out of Zep after it's docked Walk to Orgr and set your hearth stone to Orgr (should be easy to remove this by just un-marking that step, but untested) Walk to Orc/Troll start zone To use it make sure to load as Quester profile and from the undead start zone, that should be it. Thanks to @Arcangelo for some of the Zep logic. ** Provided as is with no support, although feel free to give any suggestions. **
  18. hello, i'm running a bot in stormheim but it keeps going back to vendor for some reason and it has the gear fully repaired so i don't get it why he keeps going back to vendor. any fix for this?
  19. Hi Everyone, im new here and ive got a question regarding custom profiles... this is basically what i want my Char to do after a few hours... 1. Use hearthstone - or fly to dalaran 2. move to specific vendor 3. sell greys & greens & crap 4. buy stuff from vendor 5. move to specific location 6. cast specific spell ID 7. Send Mail to Bankchar 8. quit any help or feedback would be awsome.# Thanks!
  20. Hello again, did you miss me ? Anyway. I recently began to mess up with the party chat command plugin from droidz, to study the way the bot can work with user input from the game itself. It turned out the bot can do a crazy tons of things with this plugins. So i began making a quest profile that use the custom commands to make the bot do simple things like grind a mob or gather some stuff around him. With this system, the player can play his character while being assissted by the bot. example: "go take out thoses bunnies around my farm" - NPC - just target a bunny, use a macro, and the bot will grind the bunnies as long has the user tell him to stop. The problem is... is it possible to change the profile or change a specific settings while the bot is running ? If i use the automaton to grind bunnies, i need to set the bunnies as the mobs to kill. I was thinking of use the grinder and create a profile everytime you use the farm command then restart the bot but it might cause trouble to users with low performanc pc. Do you guys have any idea ?
  21. So I was trying to create a Questprofile for Auchenaikrypta in BC on a 3.3.5 WOTLK Server. I looked into Molotox Magister Terrace Profile and got all I need. Then I made a FollowPath running through all Mobs on the way to the Boss, 1 Patch whole Instance. 1 Path back and 1 Outside. As he enters the Dungeon he tries to run into the left Corner messing up with Waypoints. I tried multiply times applying new Waypoints with the profileCreator. Can anybody help? Edit: Same Problem in Manatomb @Droidz 25 Mai 2017 12H43.log.html Auchenaikrypta1.1.xml
  22. Hello, yesterday i have wrote my first profile but i have one problem. The charakter dont flew to all waypoint only from ramkahen 300 meter and back to ramkahen i dont know why. on the map tool the route seems to be ok :/ Profile attached Uldum.xml
  23. hallo brauche hilfe beim erstellen eines grinderprofiles. alles passt bis auf die stelle wo ich in dalaran ein portal nutzen möchte. lasse das profil aufzeichnen. doch beim portal hakt es. wie kann ich es benutzen. muss ich etwas einfügen? Hello need help with creating a grinderprofiles. Everything fits to the place where I would like to use a portal in dalaran. Let the profile record. But with the hobby it. How can I use it. Do I have to insert something?
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Will farm the rare mob Krol the Blade, which can drop a 300% XP Potion. If Krol the Blade is not spawned the character will use the flying mount which is set in the general settings and hover above the spawn point.
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