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Found 14 results

  1. [REP][BC] SporeggarQuest

    Version 2.0.0


    Hello Community. I made this Profile which is repeatly doing "Now that we are still friends". It needs about 3-6 Minutes per Quest, one Quest gives 750 REP. ( This is a repeatable quest from friendly to exalted. This version should work on all wow Versions but was created in WOTLK 3.3.5. If there are any Questions/Suggestions, feel free to speak Anarchia
  2. Hydraxian REP FARM

    Version 1.0.0


    Hydraxian rep farm. Simple farm, easy terrain so bot wont get stuck. My first creation i hope you all enjoy it. Remember to untick the "loot mobs" box so the rep farming will be faster.
  3. Ogre Farming Nagrand Outlands 64-70

    Version 1.0.0


    This bot runs in the Burning Blade Ruins. It's been going for a few hours. No sticks, and seems to loot and move just fine. Start at Lantressor of the Blade and the bot will do the rest. Enable "Attack before being attacked" and "Loot Mobs".
  4. Emperor Shaohao Rep Farm

    Version 1.0.0


    Gaining Reputation Reputation is primarily earned through killing Yaungol and fire Elementals on the Timeless Isle. There are essentially three different places to farm reputation. This profile will take you to the least used area to avoid detection. This profile will kill roughly 3,000 rep an hour.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    How to Gain Reputation Gaining reputation with Laughing Skull Orcs is relatively simple--build a Level 1 Trading Post and upgrade it to level 2. There are no quests associated with this faction, but killing level 100 mobs in The Pit in Gorgrond, as well as the wildlife in the Everbloom Wilds, rewards reputation this profile will take you to Everbloom Wilds. Important - Ensure mounts are turned off - Turn on pause is player nearby ( Means you can run until Exalted without being spotted out )
  6. The Saberstalker's Reputation

    Version 1.0


    Easy to use profile to solo the Saberstalker rep. You need to be a tank or insanely geared dps to solo this. Everything here is extremely hostile and very difficult to kill. I'd say the minimum ilvl you need would be 670 as a tank. 700 for dps. Maybe even higher but i'm not sure. Start it at the Quartermaster/near him and it will run on its own. Any questions just ask in the comments!
  7. Timbermaw Hold Rep

    Version 1


    Starts on the southern tip of Felpaw Village in Northern Felwood. Does miss an occasional mob, but have gone from Unfriendly to Honored in 2 hours. No sticks so far. Enjoy!
  8. Cenarion Rep Silithus

    Version 1


    Tested for 4 hours without an issue. This bot will clear two of the Twilight camps in central and SW Silithus. Be sure to have "Loot mobs" enabled since you will also want the Twilight Text which can be turned in at Cenarion Hold once you do the first quest. Then each stack of text gets you an additional 500 rep.
  9. I would like to see people put up questing profiles for all reputations that deal with dailies. That would be a good project for a few people I think.
  10. Sporgarr rep



    grinds the rep for sporegarr, be sure to harvest glowcaps, id 182053 mail, repair included
  11. Mag'har rep



    just as it says, start at garadar, mailbox,repair included
  12. Hi this is my First Post here so let me know if you like my Profile. This is Emperor Shaohao Reputation Grinding Profile. Rep Per Hour: 1600, Coin Per Hour: 4000, Greens Farmed: 22, Blues Farmed: 5, Timeless Purples: 19, Gold Per Hour: 102, Loots Per Hour: 215 Make sure to use a Heavy Surviale Fight Profile. And to us all of the Purks you can to help like: All the items Listed Below are Drops off Mobs, and rewards for doing the dailies. Singing Crystal Blazing Sigil of Ordos Book of the Ages Dew of Eternal Morning And so on. The 3 I listed are the ones I used. Please Leave me Feed back, Anything that can help would be great. Emperor Shaohao Rep Farm + Repair.xml
  13. sha'tari skyguard rep

    Version 2


    this is for the rep to get a sporebat mount, be sure to keep the shadow dust it also turns in for rep.
  14. Version v.2


    for thows who tryed my first rep profile i am sorry that you died like crazy from the sha but here is a new profile that should make it better your less likley to die and i been running this one for 4 hours and not been killed and not been stuck yet but if there is a problem let me know i will try and fix it and plz comment on this profile so i know how ppl like it