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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, this keeps happening, how to fix?
  2. I was wondering if anyone was working on, or might be willing to make a Questing profile for lvl 1 Pandas taking them from the starting quest to the final choice to pick Alliance or Horde.
  3. Hi folks i would like to use bot on elysium server for leveling and skinning but cant find the download file which is right, i only see other wow packs not vanilla
  4. Hi i load a profil and a fight class but when i click on strat nothing happened im currently at the 7.2.5 of wow uptade and my window is uptade , i download all the thing that forum says of how to repair but nothing work :( PLZ HELP ME :) 5 août 2017 00H32.log.html
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is just a very simple profile to have Undead toons go from their start zone to the Orc / Troll starting zone (most quester profiles start from there) It will: Walk to Brill trying to avoid mobs Walk from Brill to the zep loading area Wait for the Orgr zep, then get in Get out of Zep after it's docked Walk to Orgr and set your hearth stone to Orgr (should be easy to remove this by just un-marking that step, but untested) Walk to Orc/Troll start zone To use it make sure to load as Quester profile and from the undead start zone, that should be it. Thanks to @Arcangelo for some of the Zep logic. ** Provided as is with no support, although feel free to give any suggestions. **