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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I created a custom profile for Alterac and i use a custom class (i am a rogue). I try to improve the bot behaviour but i didn't find how. Could you help me please ? First question : I would like to start Stealth ability when i get to a specific waypoint -> the alterac began, my bot follows a path road from the custom profile and when he is at a specific location he activated Stealth ability. Is-ti possible ? If not, do you know another way ? Second question : Today my bot follows always the same path. I would like to know if in the custom profile i can create a first path, then a second, etc -> Alterac began, i alway follow the same path until iceblood (all right). After that i go to the center of the map. If i am killed, i back to iceblood (all right). Then, from Ice blood i back to the center of the map and go to a tower, etc (all right). If i am killed back to iceblood grave. This time, i would like to "follow" another path. Is it possible ? If not, how do you do to "break" the bot routine ? Thank you a lot ?
  2. Hi! Im trying to grind level my rogue as safe as possible because its movement so stuttering, im probably getting a report from every other players. So i came up with the idea to make a fightclass thats always casts stealth out of combat, and stays stealthed between every mobs / npc. My problem is the bot casts stealth right after out of combat, and then loots wich is brakes the stealth. Is there any way to make a delay before casting the spell so it will loot / skin first and then casts stealth or any option to make a loot/skin -> stealth order? Thanks for the help!
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Exuals Northdale Horde 1-30 Kit 25 top quality, hand crafted, grinding profiles created by extensive database searching for optimal mobs based off level range, quest objectives nearby, pack density, neutrality, armor, value, PvP etc 13 quests in Stonetalon mountains for making accounts seem more realistic. Contains a hunter fightclass updated to handle Vanilla & overpopulated servers, adequately can handle multiple mob pulls, scare beast, feign death, etc. Based off Eeny's hunter fightclass, shout out to him. and a plugin that opens crab shells, it's nice. All tested by myself on Northdale during 12k+ population prime times, these were made to avoid the packs of bots and players/pvpers Some loops it has: Install instructions if you need, I hope you don't, are in the readme
  4. Hello, I wanted to ask is anyone here using gathering strategy of running Rogue/Druid all time stealth gathering? If yes, then how long has it survived, and anything specific required to run it? Also, any difference in gathering nodes numbers? Or anyone using normal running around with gathering, but use Auto-Stealth/Prowl if enemy/friend in x yards radius? -- if yes, any assistance/ideas to set it up. also how long has survived with this methods? thanks & regards
  5. Hello, before opening this topic I did some research and yes there are already topics about this issue since 2012-2013, but there were no replies or updates, and after many years I see the problem isn't solved yet (I worked all the night on a rogue profile and this was the only thing I couldn't figure out how to solve). So is there a way to change the behaviour of the wrobot forcing him to just move near the target without basically spamming autoattack (right mouse click)? Because right now it's very hard to have a decent opening with cheap shot, garrote, or pounce. Also another thing, but I guess it's not a "bug" and I just messed up something: why does the character target an enemy, goes into stealth, then cancel stealth to mount and then dismount in his melee zone? I mean he shoulk walk all the way in stealth until he reaches the target, why does he mounts? Could it be the "Mount Distance" in the options? I think it was because I set it at 20 (instead of 80), now I set it at 100 but still I'm not sure if it's that, can someone teach me more in detail about that function and that behaviour? And in the fight class i just created a Stealth spell with conditions: player must have a target. Noticing also sometimes it takes too much to "choose" an enemy even when he has one in front of him, is there something I'm missing on the options? Thanks, have a nice day
  6. Good time. I have a problem with rogue stealth. Condition "Hostile Unit Near" with "Stealth" not working. This condition perfect works in WRotation mode only. Thanks advance. Code "Stealth" ability.
  7. Anyone have any idea why stealth is telling me it needs to be at a distance of 5 to be able to use it? [D] 20:19:44 - [FightClass] Stealth - NeedToRun = false - KnownSpell = True, IsDistanceGood = False (target distance = 17.64507, max spell distance = 5.235), IsSpellUsable = False I would be engaged in combat at 5 meters.... also the spell IS usable, and i have "check if spell is good distance" set to false...
  8. Use Stealth if hostile 30 Yards away but only in pvp or solo <FightClassSpell> <SpellName>Stealth</SpellName> <FightClassConditions> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>HostileUnitNear</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionUnitNear"> <Type>Bigger</Type> <Radius>30</Radius> </Param> </FightClassCondition> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>LuaScript</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionLua"> <LuaScript> --[[ PvP or solo AND No Casting and Stealth off and ready ? ]] local idStealth=1784 local start, duration, enabled = GetSpellCooldown(idStealth); result=((UnitIsPVP("player") or (UnitInParty("player")==nil)) and (duration==0) and (enabled==1) and not (UnitCastingInfo("player")) and not (UnitChannelInfo("player"))) </LuaScript> <VarRet>result</VarRet> <ValueRet>true</ValueRet> </Param> </FightClassCondition> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>MeInCombat</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionBool" /> </FightClassCondition> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>MeIsFlying</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionBool" /> </FightClassCondition> </FightClassConditions> <Priority>11</Priority> <CombatOnly>false</CombatOnly> <CheckIfKnowUsableDistance>false</CheckIfKnowUsableDistance> <CheckIfView>false</CheckIfView> <AddToSettings>true</AddToSettings> <DescriptionSpell>Stealth. If hostile 30 Yards away. only pvp or solo</DescriptionSpell> </FightClassSpell> based on WoW 5.4.2.
  9. Same usage of a LUA-Script as described "I want to break free" (Queen). In this case we want to break out of stealth. In PvP this will be most done with Cheap Shot , in PvE with Ambush . Ambush will only work, if you are behind the target. Because we couldn't not really be sure, that we are behind the target, I use a shadowstep before, (and a pickpocket. We have it, we should use it ;-) ). If Ambush is not usable (not more behind or spell not known), I try Cheap Shot, Garrote, Revealing Strike and at last Sinister Strike to get out of Stealth into combat. <FightClassSpell> <SpellName>--Break Stealth</SpellName> <FightClassConditions> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>LuaScript</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionLua"> <LuaScript>local attack=0 if IsStealthed() and UnitExists("target") and not UnitIsFriend("player", "target") then if not (UnitIsPVP("target")) and (((UnitHealth("target") / UnitHealthMax("target") * 100) &gt; 97) or (UnitLevel("target")==-1)) then --[[ Ambush only if target is not in PVP and only as Opener OR target is a boss (they are not stuneable, so we prefere Ambush) ]] local idShadowStep=36554 local idPickPocket=921 local idAmbush=8676 local start, duration, enabled = GetSpellCooldown(idShadowStep) local nameAmbush=GetSpellInfo(idAmbush) local timeleft=GetTime()-start if (duration==0) then local nameShadowStep=GetSpellInfo(idShadowStep) if (IsSpellInRange(nameShadowStep, "target")==1) then CastSpellByName(nameShadowStep) end elseif (timeleft &lt; 2) then local spellname=GetSpellInfo(idPickPocket) CastSpellByName(spellname) CastSpellByName(nameAmbush) attack=nameAmbush end end if (attack==0) then --[[ 1. try Ambush (failed if you are not behind the target or you dont now the spell) 2. try Cheap Shot (failed if unknown) 3. try Garrote (failed if unknown) 4. try Revealing Strike (we want to break steal, right ?) 5. try ( Fifth try? You are not level 20 ????) okay, a simple sinister will do the work --]] local idSpells={1833,703,84617,1752} for i=1,#idSpells do local start, duration, enabled = GetSpellCooldown(idSpells[i]) if (duration==0) then local spellname=GetSpellInfo(idSpells[i]) if IsStealthed() and (IsSpellInRange(spellname, "target")==1) then CastSpellByName(spellname) attack=spellname end end end --[[ no more try. get near to the target !!! You'are a melee !!! ]] end end if (attack~=0) then print(attack) result=true end </LuaScript> <VarRet>result</VarRet> <ValueRet>true</ValueRet> </Param> </FightClassCondition> </FightClassConditions> <Priority>19</Priority> <CombatOnly>false</CombatOnly> <CheckIfKnowUsableDistance>false</CheckIfKnowUsableDistance> <CheckIfView>false</CheckIfView> <AddToSettings>true</AddToSettings> <NotSpellIsLuaScript>true</NotSpellIsLuaScript> <DescriptionSpell>Break stealth with ambush, Cheap shot or Garrote</DescriptionSpell> </FightClassSpell> based on WoW 5.4.2.
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