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  • Allow setting level ranges for trainers

    • Version: All Product: Quester Type: Suggestion Status: Not Added

    Hey Droidz,

    it would be awesome, if we could set level ranges for "trainer" type NPCs in the NPC database.

    This is because early trainers only teach spells until level 10. Then they become useless. So if you put low-level trainers in your profile, the bot will go to them and either get stuck or never learn any new spells.

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    I would love an option for this. I'm working on some leveling Questers and I have to make my 1-12 a 1-6 and a 6-12 because otherwise it runs to the starter trainers only, never to the closer trainers in say, Brill instead of Deathknell. Anyone figure out a fix for this?

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