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  • AV Horde Profile not working AT ALL

    • Product: Battlegrounder Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed


    The AV Horde Profile is completly bugging out. This problem exists since MONTHS, I try every other week to see if its working, but nope. Basically every minute I tab in the Bot is jumping against walls, buildings, mountains.

    The bot cannot be left alone while queing for AV, basically you have more work trying to not look hella obvious than actually just playing it yourself.

    I could adjust to the fact that you have to put in A LOT OF work to make this bot run (getting plugins, writing profiles etc.). But come on cant even let the bot farm AV rep?

    Is this going to be fixxed or one of many things we just have to live with although we pay for this service?
    Playing vanilla btw.


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