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  • Get player buff/debuffs doesn't work correctly

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    Hi! In my druid fight class I use following condition

    new SpellState("Savage Roar", 30, context =>
                    ObjectManager.Me.GetPowerByPowerType(PowerType.Energy) >= 45 &&
                    ObjectManager.Me.ComboPoint >= 3 &&
                    !ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff(52610) &&               
                    false, false, false, false, true, false, false, false, 0, false, false, false, false, false, false, wManager.Wow.Helpers.FightClassCreator.YesNoAuto.Auto, "", "none", true, true, false),

    But in game it doesn't properly work. The reason is that bot can't properly check this one:


    He just doesn't see that I've got this buff. When I manually trying to view my buffs via developer tools it doesn't show that I've got "Savage Roar" on me. But in game its active! All another buffs/debuffs shows properly. And every time I'm pushing "show player buff/debuff" button, I've got following error in log: [SpellManager] Cannot found spell: public static SpellInfo SpellInfoCreateCache().

    And finally: on my another hero I don't have any issues. This one happens only with one character.


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    That's problem. When I click on button "Player/Target Buff/Debuff" I've got following message in debug log "[SpellManager] Cannot found spell: public static SpellInfo SpellInfoCreateCache()". And even I've got buff on me, it doesn't show in dev tools window. It shows everything, except this buff. So I can't check spell id. And the most interesting thing, that this problem appears only with one character. On other heroes everything works fine!

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    It does not, I confirmed this on my druid.

    I developed this as a LUA condition to resolve it:


    local name, rank, icon, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime = UnitBuff("player", "Savage Roar")

    if not expirationTime then 
       retVal = 1 
       timeLeft = (expirationTime - GetTime()) or 0
       if timeLeft < 5 then 
          retVal = 1 
          retVal = 0


    This returns 1 when no Savage Roar buff, or it is about to expire (within 5 seconds) other wise it returns 0

    return value var = retVal

    return value research  = 1


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    Help me a lot Thanks

    12:32:05 - [Fight] Player Attack Raider's Training Dummy (lvl 113)
    [F] 12:32:09 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:32:10 - [Spell] Cast Incarnation: King of the Jungle (Incarnation: King of the Jungle)
    [F] 12:32:11 - [Spell] Cast Tiger's Fury (Tiger's Fury)
    [F] 12:32:11 - [Spell] Cast Ashamane's Frenzy (Ashamane's Frenzy)
    [F] 12:32:12 - [Spell] Cast Savage Roar (Savage Roar)
    [F] 12:32:13 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:13 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:14 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:15 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:16 - [Spell] Cast Rip (Rip)
    [F] 12:32:17 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:18 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:18 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:19 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:32:20 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:32:21 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:22 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:23 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:24 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:32:25 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:26 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:27 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:28 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:32:29 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:30 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:31 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:32 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:32:33 - [Spell] Cast Rip (Rip)
    [F] 12:32:34 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:35 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:35 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:36 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:37 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:32:38 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:39 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:40 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:41 - [Spell] Cast Savage Roar (Savage Roar)
    [F] 12:32:42 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:43 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:44 - [Spell] Cast Tiger's Fury (Tiger's Fury)
    [F] 12:32:45 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:32:46 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:47 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:32:47 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:49 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:50 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:53 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:32:55 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:32:57 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:33:02 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:02 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:03 - [Spell] Cast Rip (Rip)
    [F] 12:33:04 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:05 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:09 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:33:12 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)
    [F] 12:33:14 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:14 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:15 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:18 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:18 - [Spell] Cast Tiger's Fury (Tiger's Fury)
    [F] 12:33:19 - [Spell] Cast Savage Roar (Savage Roar)
    [F] 12:33:20 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:20 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:22 - [Spell] Cast Rake (Rake)
    [F] 12:33:29 - [Spell] Cast Rip (Rip)
    [F] 12:33:29 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:30 - [Spell] Cast Ashamane's Frenzy (Ashamane's Frenzy)
    [F] 12:33:32 - [Spell] Cast Shred (Shred)
    [F] 12:33:32 - [Spell] Cast Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite)

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