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  • Hunter Serpent Sting and Buff Time Left Target Condition

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    Hello !

    I'm developping a Fight Class using the Fight Class Creator.

    I wanted to make Serpent Sting to be triggered every 15/14secs.

    As this ability put a buff on the target I did wanted to use Buff Time Left Target so I did it this way :

    • Buffname :Serpent Sting (obviously)
    • Equal 0 => should fire a new Serpent Sting after 15 sec roughly, but spams Serpent Sting shots instead.
    • Smaller or equal to : 1000 => should fire a new Serpent Sting after 14 sec roughly, but spams Serpent Sting shots instead.
    • Bigger or equal to : 15000 => should  spams Serpent Sting shots but doesn't fire it at all. 

    Fight class only tested using WRotation

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    I didn't find how to attach this bug report to WRobot Vanilla version


    I did find an alternative, provisory but not that great solution, where I check, via a Csharp snipet, the presence of each Serpent Sting buff version on my target.

    But the problem is that I don't know if the buff checked are mine or not :

    In a party with one or more hunter, if another hunter applyed his Serpent Sting, my toon won't shoot Serpent Sting.


    That's why a timer solution would be best, hoping that  Buff Time Left Target check buffs owner.

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    The problem is, that WRobot doesn't have the possibility atm. to check who the is owner of a buff / debuff, in Vanilla ( 1.12.1 ) and TBC ( 2.4.3 ).

    BuffCastedByMe etc. only works since Wotlk. ( 3.3.5a )

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    11 minutes ago, DonaldMacRonald said:

    Thanks, I just saw that in Vanilla download link :P

    In that case is there any way to trigger a special timer or reset Serpent Sting timer when the target is finaly killed ?

    If you can't create yourself a c# FightClass with some lua syntax, then you have to use the TargetBuff condition in xml. ( and live with, that he'll not cast the Serpent Sting again, if there's another Serpent Sting debuff, from an other hunter )

    Or, you could simply use a timer, without a buff check. ( but that would mean, if the spell miss, he'll not recast it until the timer runs out )

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