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  • I beg for an answer.

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    @Droidz Hello, I would like to give my suggestion again a few months ago I have been using Wrobot and I realize that there is only one programmer, this leaves the fixes time consuming and also leaves the new implementations almost impractical, since there is only one person who does all.
    So why not make a crowdfunding (donation) for the owner of Wrobot make a new version of the program much more robust and optimized?
    A page could be created for the donations and would only begin the work when the goals were initiated.
    Maybe hiring a team of programmers to help do such a thing is an option.
    1 - Create improvements like machine learning for more efficient combat routines, move the character with the shortest path and without hitting or getting caught in obstacles.
    2 - Conversion of profiles from honorbuddy to Wrobot with full compatibility.
    3 - Creation of a robust library for developers.
    4 - Support the Python language for creating plugins.
    Among other improvements that the community can suggest ...
    I believe we have public for this,

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