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  • ItemEquipLoc wrong datatype

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    i am trying to create some item plugin.. but the GetIemInfo.ItemEquipLoc is always true.. while it should be a string defining to which slot it can be equiped.

    Or even better an Enum? of  the ItemSlot :) => http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/ItemEquipLoc


    Also can you tell me where i can get item stats and how to equip an item from bag into specific slot?


    Currently you are using this way to get the iteminfo:

    if (!ItemInfo._vuipet.TryGetValue(ehoegaupait, out itemInfo) || itemInfo == null)
                            lock (ItemInfo._lockItemInfo)
                                str = Lua.LuaDoString<string>(string.Format(BlackListSerializable.CexaheigeluTeuceEdusouhu(), ehoegaupait), "");
                            if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(str))
                                string[] strArrays = str.Split(new char[] { Convert.ToChar(BlackListSerializable.AxoicebaqunuMe()) });
                                this.ItemName = strArrays[0];
                                this.ItemLink = strArrays[1];
                                this.ItemRarity = Others.ParseInt(strArrays[2]);
                                this.ItemLevel = Others.ParseInt(strArrays[3]);
                                this.ItemMinLevel = Others.ParseInt(strArrays[4]);
                                this.ItemType = strArrays[5];
                                this.ItemSubType = strArrays[6];
                                this.ItemStackCount = Others.ParseInt(strArrays[7]);
                                this.ItemEquipLoc = strArrays[8] != "";
                                this.ItemTexture = strArrays[9];
                                this.ItemSellPrice = Others.ParseInt(strArrays[10]);
                                if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(this.ItemName) && this.ItemName != BlackListSerializable.Heonioloupa())
                                    ItemInfo._vuipet.Add(ehoegaupait, this);


    As we can see ItemEquipLoc is a bool but should be a string.


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