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  • List of TBC bugs

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    Made a list of bugs ive encounterd on the tbc and vanilla bot while making fightclasses

    - Bot attacks blacklisted mobs
    - Wand problems
    - Globalcooldown not working, casters stops use spells at all even with condition fasle and true
    - Petattack() not working
    - Conditions not followed, eg drainsoul for warlock set to use under 10% of mob health percent but its still used above 10% uptill 90%
    - Melee attacks from casters
    - Target not in range spam even tho bot is paused also not using spells even tho target is in spellrange.
    - "Dead time" between spells, sometimes for upto 10seconds even tho full mana and full hp

    - Bot sometimes ignore mobs and tries to pull one that is far away when its already aggroed other mobs wich results in death.

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