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  • On Reverse Instead of Loop

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    Hello, I noticed something that is somewhat of a nuisance and consumes a lot of the time the bot could be gathering. It's when you set your grinder path on reverse instead of loop, every time it encounters combat, when it gets out of combat instead of  continuing on the path in reverse it switches back to forwards, and paths all the way to the last way point again. When your grinding a dungeon like I am, and I'm using the ResetInstances plugin, what you idealy want to do is go through it once and then path back in reverse, go out the entrance and reset the dungeon, and go back in. Rinse and Repeat. But as it stands now, with a dungeon that has respawning mobs, its just goes back and forth, and rarely goes out the entrance to reset, in turn consuming a lot time. Hope this makes sense!! Thank you very much for your time.

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    So I would like to get some kind of answer on this, it is really annoying and wastes time for the bot, and makes the whole reverse option redundant, maybe a secondary option could be added? Or someone could tell me what to do to fix it, its now been 2 weeks since I asked about this and NOTHING. Kinda sucks

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    Ok so that isnt the problem :D. The issue is if it is pathing the route backwards(in reverse) and the bot encounters combat, when its finished fighting and looting, it switches back to forwards, instead of continuing in reverse like it was previously doing before it encountered into combat :D

    Edit: And yes I do have that enabled because I thought it would fix it haha

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