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  • Please let us configure the "Node is unreachable"-Timeout

    • Version: All Product: Gatherer Type: Suggestion Status: Confirmed

    As WRobot has no flying un-stuck when it heads to a gather node,
    it is looking very bottish  when the char tries to fly "through" a rock for 30 seconds   as the constant  click-to-move commands  are resetting the flying animation whin in turn results in a very awkward "choppy" animation

    (normal idle / afk  flying against walls looks very different)

    As the char hat no chance to reach a herb node when there is any obstacle in its way I would love to reduce the blacklist time out from 30 seconds  to like 12 or 15.

    This will reduce the chance of player reports and also gives more Nodes Per Hour when farming.

    Thank you.

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