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  • Suggestions for FightClass Conditions

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    First of all, I'd like a "Target is Hostile" condition.

    My paladin fightclass will switch to "Crusader Aura" while mounted, but there is also a condition that will tell it to switch to "Retribution Aura" while mounted if the bot has a target (castable while out of combat) - I made it this way so it looks more Human like, it will change to retribution aura while 25 yards away from target to save that GCD so the bot can use Seal>Judgement as soon as it's in range. This works fine, the only issue I have is that when the bot goes to town, it will spam switch between the 2 auras when it targets a friendly vendor. A "Target is Hostile" condition would allow me to fix this.

    Second suggestion is a "Target is Type" condition.

    In TBC paladins had several spells that could only be used on Undead/Demon type NPCs. The spells are classed as "Usable" per the "Is Spell Usable" condition even if the mobs aren't Demon/Undead - so the bot tries spamming Exorcism on targets it can't use it on and gets stuck there until higher priority spells come off cooldown.


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