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  • Thorium Point broken pathfinding

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Probably same issue like here:

    Bot unable to navigate in and around Thorium Point in Searing Gorge. Tries to enter Thorium Point by running into the mountains all the time, leaves Thorium Point by accidentally jumping down the cliff. Also gets stuck at the forge and some tents. Seems like the pathfinder doesn't know any of these obstacles.

    14 Sep 2018 08H54.log.html

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    I might start a series for this. Places with broken meshes or pathfinding:

    -Thorium Point (entirely broken)

    -Stonetalon Peak (entirely broken)

    -Booty Bay (partially broken)

    -Silverwing Grove (entirely broken)

    -Warlock trainers in Stormwind (entirely broken)

    -Auberdine (partially broken)


    Using offmesh connections sometimes helps, but they are way too unreliable and take too long to trigger (if they are triggered at all). Hopefully the announced update helps to fix these issues

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    By the way, trying to reach a coordinate at Thorium Point results in these logs, regardless of where the bot is located:

    [N] 17:53:39 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -11,46249 ; 3,063801 ; 80,71931 ; "None" to -6513,62 ; -1183,78 ; 309,2551 ; "Flying" (Azeroth)
    [D] 17:53:40 - [PatherServer] Select server 1
    [N] 17:53:40 - [Server] [RD]  Could not found To PolyRef
    [N] 17:53:40 - [Server] [Path-Finding] Cannot find path: -11,46249 ; 3,063801 ; 80,71931 ; "None" (Azeroth_31,99426_32,02149) to -6513,62 ; -1183,78 ; 309,2551 ; "None" (Azeroth_34,21959_44,21304)
    [N] 17:53:44 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 (15,95924y, 4933ms)

    Which leads to bot running at the point in a straight line, ignoring any obstacles, because he is unable to calculate a path.

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