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    It would be really nice if there was a way to treat training dummies as hostile targets.

    I send a lot of time testing new Fight Classes against dummies and I need to set the product settings to:

    Attack all selected targets (friends also) to on

    And Launch rotation when combat starts to off in order to test.

    Also AOE testing on dummies does not work with my rotations because I use the "Hostile Unit near Target" condition to swap back and forth automatically between single, multi with high priority targets and multi target rotations


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    In advanced general settings you can try to disable option "Ignore training dummy". But with default WRobot settings and basic Fightclass, WRotation works on training dummies

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    Correct, and that is how I have it set. The issue (I think) is that training dummies are not hostile by default, they are neutral. You can attack them, and the rotation starts and continues as expected after you attack them.

    The issue is that I cannot use them for testing AOE rotations were I have set "hostile unit near target" conditions because it will not detect numerous hostiles because they are neutral by default. If it could just treat all dummies as hostile, the issue would dis-appear? I hope that makes sense?



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