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  • [Vanilla] Bot is ignoring mob, if he skinned him before

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    This was reported couple times already, was hoping it was fixed already, but it was not.
    I'll just try to explayin it with a tones of usless words as i usually do, and hope this will help.

    2 situations.
    1) Skinning turned off. Bot is targeting mob, killing it, looting, continues run and when the same exact mob is respawning bot is immediately targeting that mob again, without any delay. Everything good.

    2) Skinning turned on. Bot is targeting mob, killing it, looting it and then trying to skin it. Skinning cast bar appears. Bot is wait's for ~3 seconds (that's the cast time of a skinning in vanilla) then at the same moment 2 things happens, skinning is finished, and Debug log says:

    [Looting] Cannot loot the target (MOB NAME), ignore it.

    It all seems fine, loot is done, skinning is done as well, but when that exact mob will respawn, bot will ignor him. He will just continue his patrol around as if there was no mob available for targeting. After some time of patroling around bot will target that mob again, but if he will skin it, then he will again ignore it for a long time.

    And that happens withe every mob that you skin. As a result i do often find my bots just patroling without killing anyone for like 5+ minutes, that's a huge waste of time.

    I got 2 guesses.

    1) There is some timer argument during looting process, that is set for 3000ms for skinning, but skinning tooks alittle more (+ ping + looting) and that's why bot ignores the mob becouse timer is less then the process. Solution, increase timer for CurrentSetting.LatencyMax, maybe?

    2) This is happens no metter of the any timer, just after any skinning process. Then the question is why is that happens?

    Should be fixed anyway, i guess.

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