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    vanilla version 1.12.battlegrounder ,altearc valley,is stuck a lot of node..

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    I have been running free-mode in AV (1.12) and notice it gets stuck a lot near IBGY. The reason I do not use a custom profile is because it will try to run through the gates before the bg starts and it will start logging "stucks". This and also because I do not know how to pick a route, say after I die and res at a graveyard, if I could randomize the way I go after each res or iteration that would be awesome.....


    anyways, Ive tried blacklisting towers, my base, and IBGY but he still runs through them when in free-mode. AV weekend too... 



    I think thinking of the blacklist circle as a "wall" is the wrong way of looking at it. I have noticed that if you do not want the bot to path through an area you need to blacklist the whole area rather than a "wall" around it. It will not place the little circles where it is blacklisted but it will place circles on the otherside of the blacklist circle. Not 100% sure of this but I will continue to monitor

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