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  1. Ive tried messing around with the free lockpicking profile. The best ive gotten with the one in westfall tower is it starts to pick the lock and then it says already open. Every once and awhile it will pick the chest fully
  2. If you have two monitors like I do (one is 144hz one is 60hz) make sure the bots run on the 60hz (you can select wow window location and size in relogger) and force vsync on. Make sure that you are getting no more than 60 FPS. This fixed the turn around issues for me
  3. What happens is the WoW Client will freeze (not responding...) and then WRobot will close. The WoW Client will unfreeze and my character will die (if in combat) or stand there until Relogger reloads the WRobot. Then if the WoW client closes as well, relogger has trouble getting past the "Enter World" loading screen (WoW client "is not responding") and I assume relogger closes the non-responding program and tries to reopen a new wow client. This can happen forever or sometimes the mage loads into the world and starts up... eventually leading to issue #1 above. I will try without frame lock
  4. WRobot will randomly crash during combat, causing my mage to die very often. Sometimes it crashes WoW Client as well and then relogger has trouble reloading WoW (crashing during enter world loading screen). All addons are disabled and other fightclasses do not have this problem. I stopped all other bots and the problem still occurs... any solution? p.s. Other than that the fightclass is phenomenal! Thanks!
  5. An issue a few of my characters ran into was the "Run to Menethil" then "Run to Hillsbrad" loop where they just kept running back and forth
    Great customer service, responded quickly via discord and helped answer all of my questions. Currently running two characters (~lvl20) with no trouble at all. The randomization between grinding locations and questing adds dynamic over other repetitive profiles (ashenvale grinder anyone?) Also, not having to sit and watch (or constantly check) is a huge plus! Recommend pairing with Humanmaster and a good fightclass (maybe twink a little) and sleep easier at night. Will update as I progress through the remainder of the profile.
  6. I went Rank 1 to Rank 12 on LH about a year ago. Towards the end I was kind of baffled I had not been caught yet so I just kept increasing the hours played per day... up to 20+hours non stop. I was eventually banned (A week after R12) because of this almost 24hours a day non stop PVPing. I was ranged DPS I do not think it is possible to get R13+ without a group though... Just can't compete with premade weekly honor, even 20hrs + a day
  7. The only food I can get to work is Tough Jerky. I have Typed the names exactly and have been pressing enter. I disabled all my addons and plugins. The only other issue ive had has been stated as well and is it likes to go forward through the mob to gain bow distance which can pull more mobs. still an awesome fightclass, thanks again!
  8. dweebster


    Is there a way to keep the radar overlay when the robot is paused? Seems to only show me where things are when the bot is running and it can already detect herbs/mines
  9. Noticed it keeps targeting my voidwalker which is fine for everything but turning in/accepting quests and vendoring. I noticed it after it used a scroll on the voidwalker (restarting wow and bot fixed it)
  10. can you only do this with proxyfier? also is it 35$ for each wow I want to run?
  11. yeah in free mode it follows players and attacks what they attack, this is fine in wsg and works really well in AB (guarding flag, pushing mine, etc...) in AV there are too many people near the spawn doing nothing or fishing and it just looks weird standing next to them. my solution at the moment is just fishing inside AV. I only bot when I am at the computer (doing hw)
  12. Was wondering if there was a way to tweak how the bot follows people in battlegrounds, specifically AV. Once the battleground starts it will follow people fishing, picking flowers, afk, and will also run back into the entrance when people spawn into AV. Once the bot is out midfield and spawning from the GY it seems to do okay but getting there is the issue. thanks again
  13. would love a lure detection. Sometimes mine gets off sync and will have anywhere from 30seconds to a minute with no lure and therefore no catches.
  14. I will try that! Thanks for the response
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