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  • Wrobot hot-keys (pause, start, stop) does not work

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    My current setup is:

    - Duel screens

    - two Wrobot instances

    - three wow clients (2 slaves on second monitor)

    The problem is with Wrobot hot-keys (Alt+X, Alt+C, etc) not working with one of the two Wow clients.


    Bot#1 WoW client#1 Wrobot#1

    Bot#2 WoW Client#2 Wrobot#2

    WoW Client#3 Master no Wrobot

    upon making WoW#1 client the active window and pressing a hot-key Alt+x or any of the hot-keys associated with Wrobot, Wrobot#1 does not acknowledge them, however, instead, Wrobot#2 pause or stops the bot associated with WoW client #2.

    I have to manually navigate to Wrobot#1 and press stop or pause.


    This is proving to be risky in high traffic areas where i need rapid response.


    I don't know why it is doing this,as i believe each instance of WoW has its own handle and process ID and keystrokes ought to be captured per wow client by the specific Wrobot instance hooked into it.






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    Further investigations:

    If I have three bots running simultaneously, only the first bot attached to the first Wrobot instance launched will respond to hot-keys. If I close the first Wrobot Instance, the other two bots still do not respond to hot-keys.

    Then, if I close all instances of Wrobot, and launch one instance of Wrobot while having three instances of WoW.exe running, any WoW window if i press the hotkeys will be received by Wrobot.

    This should not be happening!


    Kindly tell me what you need to resolve this bug/problem.


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