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Ordush area for all of his products, if you there is anything you need help with, or simply wanna share experience. This is the place!
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  2. On the "rotation status box" press the little + icon on the top right, to get all the controls. 🙂
  3. I want to have the full control like was mentioned in an earlier comment but i dont get a FC UI popup to disable backtracking. It only give me the rotation status box.
  4. Ordush is this still active and top notch in 2022? Thanks!!
  5. Please is there any chance to creating enha shaman for dungeons/raids tbc? I pay what ever
  6. Yeah it's because of the Lua engine for private classic servers doesn't have any easy way to do some of the checks on abilities, so the sound you hear is the bot opening the spell book picking up a spell making a check then removing the spell again and closing the spellbook. It just goes so fast that you don't see it. Unfortunately that is not something I can make any workarounds for, so my only suggestion is to turn off your sound while botting. 🙂
  7. So whenever I start this it keep making the sound like it is moving abilities around, any idea what it could be?
  8. I do not currently support PVP, as I do not endorse botting content that upsets the PVP balance.
  9. Please is there also any PVP rotation for tbc Hunter?
  10. what specificially does the marksmen FC do that the beastmaster wont? i understand it wont use pet skills like beastial wrath and intimidate ect. but if i was to use the beast one in marksmen spec what would i expect. i somehow lost your marksmen one access and due to having some surguries and brain problems i dont know if there is any way for you to trace back things [email protected] or [email protected] were my emails. however im really feeling as if i lost marksmen and repurchased one day and bought wrong one and dumbly never noticed. boy do i feel stupid lol.
  11. It didn't save? ? That makes no sense. ? Anyway I am going to completely rewrite all my fightclasses including this one. Until it gets rewritten turn off pet feeding and use this plugin.
  12. I mean, lets say you just kill 1 low level beast thats attacking you while traveling and you loot 1 low level meat, you will never be able to feed your pet. It will just keep spamming the food infinitely. Edit: So I ended up removing all the food (manually typing in the names of every food in the remove box lol) and it turns out.. the settings doesnt save. All the food was back when I relaunched the bot. Would be nice to see a solution on this food thing because as of now you have to basically babysit the bot to not lose your pet.
  13. Well isnt it just the item level of the food? Anyway so I have to manually enter the names of every food to remove them. Then I manually have to update the food for every area?
  14. Hey mate, you can remove the food from the lists manually. There is not any way i can check for level on food. So if I was to make that work I'd have to specify every food in the game by level etc. which I do not currently have the time for. ? Hopefully I will get around to rewriting this. But unfortunately right now you will have to remove the names manually sorry. ?
  15. Hey The mobs I currently kill drops lower tier meat thats too low for my pet. Would be nice to have this checked somehow. Was lucky to check on the bot with my pet being in the red and almost lost my lupos lol. It was just stuck in a loop trying to feed it and it said the food was too low level.
  16. thanks for the response i figured as much just wanted to make sure out the gate it wasnt something wrong. thanks
  17. This is common to vanilla it's basically because vanilla is made so that you have to have spells on the action bar in order to use certain spells. This means it actually opens your spellbook and takes out a spell to use it. Unfortunately vanilla api doesn't have the ability to turn off/on sound while this happens (unlike TBC). So the only work-around is playing without sound while you use the bot.
  18. Im not quite sure whats happening or if it is suposed to be happening but the entire time the rotation is turned on its making a clicking sound click when i click anything like on a action bar it drags it off.. its not anything to do with the pet food because my pets full happiness and ive also tried even putting his food in every bag slot. bot works like this but makes playing legit with the roation aspect almost impossible for me . what can i do?
  19. I do not have any clue at all why it's not working for you. Are you using Quester? Are you using my profile or you own? As you can see from the below screenshot I do not have any issues at all. They cleared the first 3 packs without issues, they had their break all that. The private server you are running is it the TrinityCore one? I am out of ideas as to why it's not working for you. Unless you can have some guess yourself. All i did was: Create 5 accounts. Level them to level 15, make sure they had gear and skills. - I downloaded my product from Sellfy (To make sure I had the same you had). - Copied the files into WRobot - Started it using quester with the RFC profile i had added to the zip file. - Enabled the plugin - Started wrobot on all 5 chars. Chose role on all 5 chars. - Stopped wrobot on all 5 chars and did /reload - Started wrobot on all 5 chars again. They just went and set the HS then enterred the dungeon and waited for the full party then it just began as it's supposed to. If none of the above works for you. Write to me on discord. I will guide you through it via video. The errors you are posting looks to me as if you are removing the plugin after restarting the bot..
  20. I am using my own hosted to be able to make profiles
  21. The site I use? Might I ask what server you are on? Probably wanna pm me the answer to that. ?
  22. Okay, no addons, fresh wrobot, wow client, download from the site you use
  23. I am still working on this issue @TheSmokie So far no luck getting the same error that you are getting. I will return here as soon as i manage to replicate it. Are you using any addons etc?
  24. Great. I promise I will see if I can reproduce it during the weekend. As everybody else I'm completely swarmed with work due to corona. 'Unfortunately' I haven't had anyone else have your issues, but hopefully I will figure it out quickly.
  25. I’m using a fresh install, only thing I’m using that’s not yours is talamins AIO, fresh install of wrobot.
  26. Looks correct on the screenshot. At least on that character. That error would suggest that the WRDungeonFrame isn't created. Which it obviously is. Are you running any other plugins? I know that in the code you posted here on the forum that was taken from my source code had some of my variables created by this plugin in it. (It had no use in that code snippet you posted), but it would definitely mess up my plugin. Edit: I will have some time this Sunday to install wotlk and see if i can reproduce the issues.
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