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  1. [Cata] AutoEquip

    Hey guys!
    I made a plugin to auto equip gear based on stats, weapon type, quality, and armor type.
    I got the core idea from the Butler plugin created by Stauffenberg here: Butler
    With this plugin, WRobot will equip items based on their stats/armor type (plate,mail,leather,cloth)/weapon type (1h,2h,stave,polearm,fistweapon,shield,etc..) and quality.
    It's made specifically for Cata because the stats are Cata specific, but It should work 3.3.5-7.x.
    Auto equip items based on: Item Quality Item Subtype (armor(plate,mail,leather,cloth), weapon(1h,2h,stave,polearm,etc..)) Item Stats Delete poor quality items Delete poor quality items under specific vendor price Delete all items with specific item id All settings should be off by default so make sure you edit them before starting.
    Enjoy! Next will be a plugin to auto select quest rewards..


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  2. HunterHelper

    This is a little plugin to help hunter for people who doesn't have a payed FC.
    As I do not have hunter, I've tested it only on Warmane (fun server)  in the pet zone, I've not tested that much, just aggro pet and move.
    Is nothing fancy at all, I've just wrap up what I've found on the forum here and there.
    I've not tested the feed pet function (as the pet seems always happy on warmane) is just a copy/paste from a thread, so thank you to all for it.
    this plugin has 3 features
    Movement Manager
    smartMove (Random area, Check presence of hostiles units and LoS, again is not that smart). Pet Manager
    Feed Pet (feed your pet when not in combat and not casting, check if you have the food in the bag, not tested at all and thanks again for the snippet) Aggro Pet (only if they are more than 1 units attacking you) Ammo Manager
    Buy the desired ammo (Go To Town for buying Ammo, you can put a number to trigger this behavior) Buy the quantity you want ( it divide the number by 200 as the number of arrows/quivers by stack is by 200, so put a rounded number like 600 or 10.000) Put ammo in correct bag, if they are place, automatically put them when place is freed ( you need to put your bag in the last slot, at the left) Equip the named ammo if none is equipped Ammo Manager is in beta, so keep an eye on it, but I've tried on my priest (in barrens only) and he finds and buy the correct amount.
    Feel free to report bugs or feature but i cannot promise to fix it or add it.


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