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Stonehide Leather Farm (Highmountain) W/vendor 0.1

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About This File

This Profile will farm the following items

[Loot Stat] Items looted during session: 
Undivided Hide x 9 (3/hr)
Intact Skull x 17 (6/hr)
Blood of Sargeras x 33 (12/hr)
Unbroken Tooth x 618 (240/hr)
Unbroken Claw x 313 (121/hr)
Bear Hide x 15 (5/hr)
Bristled Bear Skin x 19 (7/hr)
Ruined Leather Scraps x 3 (1/hr)
Hillstride Gauntlets x 1 (0/hr)
Stonehide Leather x 12 (4/hr) (this seems wierd, After 4 hours Farmed : x 807) [ estimated 201/hr ]
Shal'dorei Silk x 807 (313/hr)
Fatty Bearsteak x 409 (158/hr)
Ettinbone Pauldrons x 1 (0/hr)
Oddly-Shaped Stomach x 4 (1/hr)
A Steamy Romance Novel: Got Milk? x 3 (1/hr)
Ettinbone Girdle x 1 (0/hr)
Arkhana x 11 (4/hr)
Roughage x 1 (0/hr)
Gristly Morsel x 1 (0/hr)
Icepine Hood x 1 (0/hr)
Hagfeather Cord x 1 (0/hr)
Razor Tooth x 20 (7/hr)
Brief History of the Ages x 1 (0/hr)
Hagfeather Leggings x 1 (0/hr)
Hagfeather Handwraps x 1 (0/hr)
Worn Hooked Claw x 60 (23/hr)
Elapsed time: 02h:34m:30s
Kills: 369 (143/hr)
Deaths: 0 (0/hr)
Stucks: 3 (1/hr)
Farms: 362 (140/hr)
Loots: 366 (142/hr)
Money/HR: 353 G 14 S 09 C (909 G 33 S 80 C)




Turn "attack before being attacked" OFF!

Turn "Ignore fighting if in ground mount" OFF!

Mount distance "10"


Selling "Check"

Sell Gray Items "Check"

Sell White items "Check"

Filter as you wish on "FORCE SELL AND FORCE KEEP LIST"

My Force Sell List


Unbroken Claw
Unbroken Tooth
Worn Hooked Claw
Intact Skull

My Foce Keep List


Skinning Knife
Undivided Hide
Blood of Sargeras
Krol Blade
Stormscale Spark
Ettinbone Pauldrons
Law of Strength
Syndrelle's Favorite Ring
Dalaran Hearthstone
Hardened Molars
Recipe: Turf
Deer Hide
Lean Shank


Profile Route!


Profile Information : 

Start the Profile in Trueshot Lodge ( town next to thunder totem )

Start on GRINDER!

the bot will start at Trueshot Lodge, then move its way up to the Farming spot and stay there.

When min bag free X Amount is hit it will run back to trueshot Lodge and Sell items as well as Repair. Then it returns to the

farming location to resume its farming

(NO i have not setup usage of a mailbox on this profile cuz there is no Mailbox anywhere near the bots farm location nor route

so that is not gonna be an feature here)


Feel free to use my profile/s, by all means! but the botting is your responsability and solely yours! i do not take any responsability if you, your characters / friends characters or Whatever, gets banned!

User Feedback

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So far I have a very good experience using your profile. Thank you for the good work!

I just have two minor things to add. Firstly, every now and again the bot will get stuck at the stream and at some point turn off because of the blocked path and secondly, I believe the reason why you experienced a 12 Stonehide Leather stack after several hours might have been because you didnt include it in your force keep list. At least that is what I guess happened to me, it all got sold.

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